World’s Smallest 4K Pocket PC

The computer is smaller than the palm, the price will not be so low, it is too small than the other. This computer, the price will not be so low, it is less than the bahahahali. This computer, the price will not be so low. +3 Utility Desk To buy a good computer or laptop, at least 20 thousand rupees have to be spent. At such a price, you get a system of 4GB RAM. Even then its other hardware or features will not be how it can be said. However, there is a computer that has a size smaller than your palm. That is to take it in pocket and take it anywhere. With it, its online price is close to Rs 11 thousand. The name of this computer is LIVA Q.


Equipped with # 4GB RAM

Many of the LIVA brands are found in the computer market. Most of them are of pocket size. The size of LIVA Q is also small, but it has strong hardware in it. This computer comes with 4GB RAM. However, its storage is 32GB eMMC. By the way, its memory can be increased with the help of a micro SD card. With this, Intel has a processor in this computer.

  # 4K Video Support

This computer supports 4K video. That means a video of 3840 x 2160 pixel quality will play smoothly on it. For this, it has an HDMI port. This mini computer also has a micro SD card slot with 2 USB ports. It also has advanced connectivity like WiFi and Bluetooth. It also supports many other operating systems with Windows.

World’s Smallest 4K Pocket PC specifications

‧Ultra Tiny PC measuring 70 x 70 x 31.4mm.
‧Powered By The Latest Intel® Apollo Lake SOC
‧Silent and reliable ultra-low-power consumption PC
‧Support up to *HDMI 2.0 4K@60fps with higher quality video playback
‧RJ45 Ethernet connection for more reliable and faster internet connection
‧Support Dual Band WiFi & BT 4.1
‧Support microSD card slot to expand storage
‧Support Windows 10

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