WhatsApp in 2020

The long-awaited call waiting function finally arrives, letting you know that someone is trying to reach you while talking to someone else, fingerprint unlock has given us a more secure alternative to passwords

There were a few hiccups along the way, including a bug that allowed a malicious message to delete the entire group chat, and a vulnerability meant that it was possible to control a user’s phone using a specially created MP4 .

Despite rumors earlier this year, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not merged into one social callgirl app. However, Facebook sparked controversy by adding its (somewhat tainted) name to WhatsApp’s splash screen, and more significant changes occurred behind the scenes as the three apps are more closely tied together.


We are expecting some major updates for WhatsApp by 2020, so here is our guidance on what we hope to see in the coming year.In 2020, we ought to at last observe the official dispatch of WhatsApp Dark Mode. This is surprising after it took so long to get a deep design for the messaging app, but the assets in the files installed for the beta release suggest that it is ready for public testing.

In fact, we may not be offered one dark mode, but two, on devices with AMOL screens with an option specifically designed for power saving.

It also seems that it will be possible to either activate Dark Mode actively, or it will automatically switch apps when your phone’s power saving settings are enabled.

Self destruct messages

Another feature we are expecting is the ability to automatically create deleted messages after a short period of time for better privacy. Many rival messaging apps already offer this, and we know that WhatsApp has been working on it for some time.

This feature was initially known as ‘Missing Message’, but is now being referred to as ‘Delete Message’. Based on the evidence from WhatsApp beta install files, it seems that messages can be automatically deleted after an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year.

Yes, they are finally coming. At the 2019 Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, the company presented a slide show of how it wants ads to work in WhatsApp. It intends to start including them in WhatsApp status posts in 2020, along with full-screen promotions that will appear between updates from your contacts.

It is possible that these advertisements add to the ability of businesses to take payments in WhatsApp, so that they can effectively run entire stores.

No support for old phone

There is a chance that the date may be pushed back based on pressure from users, but WhatsApp is due to discontinue support for many older Android and iOS devices from February 2020.

As stated on the app’s FAQ page, devices running on operating systems older than Android 2.3.7 or iOS 8 will lose access to WhatsApp after that date. Essentially, this means that if you have an iPhone 4 or older before 2011, or an Android device , it is unlikely that you can install WhatsApp from the App Store Find or Google Play.

Reverse image search

As indicated by WABetaInfo, which has practical experience in tearing down pre-discharge applications looking for fascinating traces of new highlights, one of the new highlights coming in 2020 might be a turn around image search tool that will help you find out if you’ve Originally received where a picture is made.

It is possible that it intends to help spread fake news through the app, much like a ‘repeatedly forwarded’ warning to WhatsApp users in India, more than five times of a particular message Warns them when passed (probably true or not without any investigation).

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