What is Domain ?

A domain name is nothing more than an address on the Internet Just as a mailman needs a street address to deliver mail sent to a certain business or individual, a computer needs a web address to search a particular website.

Computers, as you certainly know, never forget a number People, on the other hand, do not remember numbers well. However, people have a good memory for words. So to maximize our imperfect human memory, domain names were developed as a means of communication with computers. When you type sex.com in your computer’s address line, the computer reads it as As you can imagine, the process is actually a bit more complex than a computer, but as those numbers make it hard for a human to remember, the word “sex” is unlikely to be forgotten.

That was easy. So now that we know what a domain name is, let us see what a domain name is not.

As a matter of first importance, that space name isn’t yours. That $ 9.99 you just spent makes you a “registrant”, not an owner. Another $ 9.99 will be due in a year, and if you are not prompt with your payment, you will lose the domain to someone else. The web is full of individuals who complain that they have lost their “domain name”. Most simply forgot to pay. Wherever you can register your domain, consider the automatic renewal option.

Secondly, the correct domain name is not necessary for you to succeed You still have to work to build your brand. Even the correct domain name will not insure success For example, the last owner of sex.com went bankrupt.

Last, the lack of the right domain name is not an excuse for failure or giving up trying, although the web is replete with forums and people’s comments. It is too long to be considered a premium domain name in eight letters and two words.

Domain names are Internet addresses. We all need to know to do the things we need to do. Domain names are not everything, however Hard work and luck still play major roles.

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