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There are many applications related to the camera on the Google Play store that make working hard. However, many users do not know about these useful apps. Most users install only the Beauty Camera app. Explain that with the help of the camera, the user can edit the tax on a photo by clicking on the photo. Additionally, translators can translate any language into another language. Not only this, difficult maths are solvable in equanimity.

All these work are done with the help of the phone’s camera.

– The Android apps that you are talking about can install free from all Play Store.
– All these apps can also be installed in less space.
– Some apps work on the Android 7.0 noodle operating system.
– Almost all apps have given users a 4.5 star rating.
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Google Translate app features:

– App Features This is the Language Convert App.
– It reads easily 103 languages of the world.
– Can convert any single language to another language with a single tap.
– 52 languages can convert offline without internet.
– Direct convert to 30 languages with the help of camera.
– Click the photo from the camera and translate it to 37 languages.
– Converts handwriting text too.
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Features of the Cardboard Camera app:

– The user can click the photo of 360 degree angle from this app.
– It works like panorama shots, but better in quality.
– There is a special mention of this photo that it can also be seen on the VR headset.
– On VR headset, its photo can be seen from 360 degree angle, which is a good experience.
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QR & Barcode Scanner Features of the app:

– Scan any barcode and you can find the complete details attached to it.
These days, barcode is mostly on most products, in which there is a detail of that product.
– Once the barcode is scanned, it also has the option to open the company’s official website.
– You can also share direct-related data from here.
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Photomath – Camera Calculator Features of the app:

– If you are a student of Maths, then this is your work app.
– With the help of this app, the user can get a resolution by clicking the photo of any equation.
– There is complete process of solvation of equation.
– It also has a smart calculator.
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Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) App Features:

– With this app you can edit the text written in a photo by scanning it.
– The special thing of the app is that the mater of any language can scan.
– When clicking on the photo from the app, it starts converting it into text format.
– The Convert process takes some time, but it converts the whole mater.
– Click here to install this app.

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