unique uses SIM

After buying a mobile SIM, we throw cards like this. These SIM cards are of our great work. With this you can create a holder, from mobile holder to notebook. They are made of very easy process. For this, you will need only a sharp object that will be able to make a hole in the sim card. Here we are telling you how

you can use a SIM card in 3 ways.

You can make these things as you sit at home. You will not even need to spend money in it.Builder of SIM card  Cut the SIM card from the middle. Now knock the key in it with a sharp object in its side. The holder is ready.

Phone holder
For this, you have to turn the process shown above to the SIM card. For this you can mark it with the help of scale and pencil. Prepare you cheap and durable mobile holder.
First, cut off the SIM card from the middle. Now take blank blank paper and keep the trimmed SIM card over it. Apply a elastic in the middle by holes on both sides. Notebook is ready.

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