Type of Chip set & chip maker


What is chipset type?

Chipsets are typically designed to figure with a selected family of microprocessors.A chipset associate  microcircuit that manages the information flow between the processor, memory and peripherals. it’s typically found on the motherboard. Chipsets ar typically designed to figure with a selected family of microprocessors

Microprocessors: A microchip is basically the brain of a laptop and is comprised of management and arithmetic logic units (ALUs). it’s usually put in on one large-scale integration (LSI) chip, that contains tens of thousands of transistors.

Computer Processor versions 

  1. AMD:The AMD processor can buy within the range of  $50 to $125 .r targeted at the budget through low-end thought phase. The Sempron replaced the interrupted Socket A Duron processor in 2004, and also the noncurrent Socket

2. Intel Celeron:Celeron processors {at all|in the least|the least bit|in the slightest degree|in associatey respect} was that system manufacturers needed the Intel name on their boxes while not having to pay the upper value for an Intel thought processor

3. Mainstream processors:A thought processor is also a decent upgrade alternative if you wish additional performance than a budget processor offers and are willing to pay the extra cos

4. AMD Athlon sixty four :the AMD Athlon sixty four processor  is on the market in Socket 754 and Socket 939 variants

5.Intel Pentium four:The Pentium 4, shown in Figure 5-3, is Intel’s flagship processor, and is on the market in Socket 478 and Socket seventy seven.

6. Dual-core processors :in  2005, AMD and Intel had each pushed their processor cores to concerning the quickest doable speeds, and it had become clear that the sole sensible thanks to increase processor performance considerably was to use 2 processors.

7. AMD Athlon sixty four X2:he AMD Athlon sixty four X2, shown in Figure 5-4, has many things going for it, as well as high performance, comparatively low power necessities and warmth production, and compatibility with most existing Socket 939 motherboards.

8.Intel Pentium D:The announcement of AMD’s Athlon sixty four X2 dual-core processor caught Intel unprepared. beneath the gun, Intel took a cruder approach to creating a dual-core processor

Chip sets: a main chip to control flow of data instruction and power supply between devices (component).
  If M.B has more and advance component then chip set
Will be are latest.
  1. South Bridge(Controlling Display control)
  2. North Bridge (Controlling Component Of M.B) 

Chip Set numbers depending on chip maker

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