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The world’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp recently introduced the Recall or the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature, which allows you to record any messed messes. At the same time, we have recently seen that there is no time limit for the recalled message. It has been seen that the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature can be easily surpassed. Here’s how you can see the deleted message.

At present, if you are on the latest version of Android or iOS of WhatsApp, you can delete or recall messages sent by tapping on the message, for which you have to select the Delete option. From here, you have to disassemble whether you want to delete this message for yourself or you want to delete it for everyone. At the launch of this feature, it was said that the message sent by the user can be deleted or recalled in 7 minutes. However, in our own test, we have seen that the time limit can be easily surpassed.

After deleting you will see the message ‘This message was deleted’ in the chat, not the message sent. However, now a few users would like to know what was the deleted message after all. Also, it can be for law purposes too. For this, the message deleted can be viewed with the help of an app called ‘Notification History’. We tested this on Android devices and it works like this.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of WhatSwap on your device. Install the ‘Notification History’ app from the Play Store and enable the necessary permission so that you can read the deleted message. When you receive a message on WhatsApp, the ‘Notification History’ app will show you all the message logs with the message. This app does not show pre-view, but shows the entire message. With which you do not miss any detail. If you tap on the log, you will be able to see the message. However, the character limit is. In our test, messages above 100 characters have been shown. This is in contrast to your device’s notification setting, where a small part of the text is displayed.

If the message has been deleted from the sender, then the ‘Notification History’ app will also show that message without deleting the previous message. So you know about the exact time and content of the message. Also when was the message deleted. All of this are in sequential order. See also: Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch available for per-order

Be the first to inform about the Spanish website Android about it. It has been claimed that the deleted message handsets are present in the log.
In addition to this app, you can also access the notification log by pressing the Home screen for a long time. After which you have to tap Widgets> Activities> Settings> Notification log. From here you can access the system’s notification log.

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