Protect Facebook Account From  Hackers

Protect Facebook Account From Hackers

Many tales of Hacking and Online Fraud are available for listening and viewing. Ever since someone is shopping with a debit or credit card, one can ever hack someone’s ID password. At the same time, the issues related to theft of personal information related to users on Facebook are constantly coming up. This is because hackers easily hack your Facebook account password. We are telling you how hackers can hack your Facebook account. There are also ways to avoid this.

Protect Facebook Account From  Hackers

So let’s know how we can save our Facebook account from hackers.

Step 1: Set up a strong password first. Do not enter your name, date of birth, or any personal details in the password. As long as the longer password, your account will be as safe as it is difficult for hackers to guess. The best way to create a strong password is to use letter, number, character in it, so that Hacker has trouble hacking your account.

Step 2: Do not use your Facebook password anywhere Remember that you set a different password for each account.

Step 3: Use Password Manager. There are times when you set up a stand password, which you can forget later. There are many good password managers who will keep your password encrypted and safe.

Step 4: Change your password every six months. It is also important to change the password you set. If you keep the same password for any long time on any of the sites, then there is a danger of going into the wrong hands.

Step 5: Do not share your Facebook password with anyone.

Step 6: Do not use the Remember password on the web browser. This becomes more important when you are done alone computer.

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