Problem & solution of  CD-Drive & Floppy Disc

Problem & solution of CD-Drive & Floppy Disc

Problem & Solution of CD-Drive & Floppy Disc

How to check that Floppy Disc is ok or not
ü  FDD Type 1.44
ü  FDD Seek at boot ->E
ü  Halt on-> All error
   Floppy disk fails
        Start PC Controller or
        If LED glows once and no error message
        Mechanism problem displayed
        FDD ok (Controller & Mechanism)
       Not reading/writing                           
Different error of FDD (Windows)
 Ø  Drive not Ready
ü  Data cable opposite
ü  There is no disk in the drive
ü  CMOS drive type incorrectly
     Ø Non-system disk error [while Boot with floppy]
ü  There is not bootable file on disk
ü  IO.SYS or MS.SYS corrupted
 Ø  System Hanges
           [Boot by Floppy]
MSDOS.SYS or IO.SYS corrupted
Data Error Reading Drives A:
Abort-> Cancel the job and back the lid location. (A)
                 D:> dir a:
                     Message Abort
Retry-> Try to read data again®
Ignore-> skip the error & go forward (F)
Fail -> Cancels the task & go where user needs (F)
  Disk I/O failure
ü  Head damaged
ü  Head  dirty
ü  Type mismatch
ü  Floppy error
  Disk not formatted
ü  New diskette
ü  Damaged track(track 0)
ü  Alignment problem
ü  Head dirty
But now all the floppies are IBM or special preformatted
Ø  Inserted disk in drive
ü  No disk in a drive
Head dirty
ü  Insert the damaged disk in a drive
ü  D:> dir a
Abort /Retry/Fail
5 Times
ü   New diskette
ü   Ok  
Problem & Solution of  CD-Drive
Drive letter not present in windows
Ø Jumper setting fault
Ø Power cable fault
Ø Instruction cable
Ø Both IDEàE
Ø CD-Drive detected
Ø Windows files or driver problem
Ø Try to install in Dos mode
Ø Boot by CD
How to activate the CD-Drive in Dos mode
Ø Boot by CD
Ø A: copy OAKCDROM.sys  C:
Ø C: edit the config.sys
          Drive =c:OAKCDROM.sys /D: mscd001
          (Drive high)       mscd000    
Ø Edit Autoexec.bat
      C:MSCDEX.EXE /D: MSCD001
If windows or driver problem
Ø Start windows
Ø Control panels
Ø SystemàDevices Manager
Ø Remove list of CD-ROM(no list)
Ø New hardware found
Ø  Yes Next ànext àfinish
Ø  No Add new hardware
o   Detect
o   Select proper devices
o   Next
o   Driver CD(file ) or select CD-ROM
o   Finish
Drive letter is present read /mechanical problem
Ø Tray not opening/closing
Ø Button (Switch) faulty
Ø Motor fault
Ø Belt fault (Loose/Broken
Ø Pully  & Gear problem
Ø Greasy layer over  pully & belt 
Ø Temperate tray 
Problem & solution of  CD-Drive & Floppy Disc
Problem & solution of  CD-Drive & Floppy Disc

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