Most Common Problems of Android Smartphones & Their Solutions

Android phones are also not bereft of this. Let us see what are the common problems of Android phone users and how they can be solved.

Most Common Problems of Android Smartphones & Their Solutions

battery is low

Low battery is continually a disturbing issue with Android phones. It is not advisable to charge it multiple times in a day because it takes a long time to recharge up to 100 percent. To increase the battery life of your phone, clear all the apps running in the background, turn off cellular data or Wi-Fi when not in use, reduce the brightness to your comfort level and battery saving mode Turn on These small hacks can save you a lot of battery for emergencies and otherwise.

Running slow

It is an undisputed fact that users are at fault here. The slow-moving phone is a reflection of our smartphone habits. The reasons are, too many apps for too little internal storage, too many photos and videos, the existence of app cache and app data, and applications that run continuously in the background. Just as a person can walk or run faster with a less full stomach than a full stomach, a smartphone will also work faster when it is free of heavy files, apps and junk. Remove unused apps or try using their lighter versions. App cache is a major reason that slows down your phone significantly. Go to Settings> Apps> Clear Cache. Learn more about how to clear app cache and clear app data on Android for fast working phones.

Lose wi-fi connectivity

The Android Wi-Fi sleep policy turns off Wi-Fi connectivity while the phone enters idle or sleep mode. This is not a very bad problem as it saves your battery and data consumption but for those who need timely updates and notifications they can easily fix the problem. Go to Advanced Wi-Fi Settings, and choose ‘Never’ to ‘keep Wi-Fi’ during sleep.

Low internal storage

Our phone’s gallery content quickly crosses the internal memory limit. You do not have to be sad about removing old media content from your phone. Save them on cloud servers like Drop-Box, Google Photos, and Google Drive before erasing everything. It will also help you free up space for new files and secure storage of old ones.

Crashed apps

Some of your apps may suddenly stop working. This is due to a corrupt cache or overload of app data. Delete the cache in the method discussed above to keep operating apps running smoothly. If deleting the app cache does not solve the problem, then back up the app-related content and then delete the app data and reboot your phone. Download and present the application again from Google Play.


Some Android phones overheat due to manufacturing or other defects or due to the presence of heavy apps like game apps and Facebook. Try not to use your phone while on its charge and avoid heavy apps or use lighter versions of them. When it gets too hot, give it a break.

Interrupting Auto Correct Feature

Does your Android Auto interfere with correct word suggestions while writing messages? If you find it annoying, turn it off by tapping on Settings> Language & Input> Android Keyboard> Auto Correction and ‘Off’.



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