Hacked by any smartphone How & precaution

Hacked by any smartphone How & precaution

Hacking has become easy in this era of technology. Hacker will hack your smartphone and fly all the data and you will not even know. We are telling you what hackers try to hack your personal information.

Hacked by any smartphone How & precaution
 1. MSpy App
MSpy is an app that anyone can easily track your entire activity by installing it on your smartphone. This app monitors all your incoming and outgoing calls. Keeps track of text, photos, and e-mails. Internet monitors applications and programs. In addition, it also tracks your GPS location. It is also called ‘the stalking app’.
 How to Avoid-

Do not give your smartphone to the hands of the Unknown people. Lock phone with strong passwords. Put a password of at least 10 characters. Use numbers, special characters, upper-lower case letters in it. Make a password change in 2-3 months once.
2. Accelerometer sensor
According to a research by the Georgia Institute of Technology, all the handsets after the iPhone 4 have the sophisticated accelerometer. According to the research, this sensor is so smart that the smartphone placed on your desk will detect with the vibration that what you are typing on the keyboard, even with 80% Accuracy. In this case, your credit card delay, net banking password or e-mail password can be stolen.
 How to Avoid-

Research has been told that the closer the smartphone keyboard, the more efficiently it will be able to read your keyboard activity accurately. Do not put yourself or someone’s phone close to your keyboard. They must have at least 5 inches distance between Hoan.
3. Free charging stations

You will occasionally be free from the free charging station. It’s a kind of hacking method that targets low battery users. These chargers work injecting Trojan malware into your phone. As soon as you put your smartphone in such a charger, hackers get full access to your smartphone. Leading Cyber Security Conference BlackHat’s research says that within a minute of the plugin, your smartphone may be hacked.
How to Avoid-

Never charge your smartphone from the charging station on the mall, airport or any other public place. If the battery of your smartphone ends quickly, then take the power bank along.
4. Personal Wi-Fi hotspot
It can also be dangerous to give Wi-Fi hotspots to your phone. If you do this in the public place, hackers get a chance to hack your signal. Cybercriminals are always looking for open networks. They can download and distribute Eligal materials from the Open Network. The police can come to your home while tracing the gold of Illegal activity.
5. Flash Lite App
Have you downloaded any Flash Lite app to your phone too? If so, then delete it immediately. Researchers claim that the AVAILABLE Top 10 Flash Lite apps on the Google Play Store do the work of Spy in the phone of the use. The size of the Flash Lite app should not exceed 72KB, while these apps are between 1.2MB and 5MB. If you have not read about the privacy policy of the Flashlight app before downloading, then you will not know how dangerous it is.

How to Avoid-

If you have downloaded any Flash Lite app more than 72KB, then uninstall it immediately. Also, change your mobile banking password.
6. Hacking the camera
Hackers are not difficult to hack your phone’s camera and Secret Pictures. If you read the Android security settings carefully, then it will be necessary to see the preview on the screen after the photo is clicked on the Android smartphone. Hackers do it by doing the preview size 1 pixels. After this, this picture can be distributed anywhere in the world. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Ket Upton have been caught in such hacking.

How to Avoid-

The best way to avoid this is to not store intimate photos on your phone.

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