google text to speech

google text to speech

What is google text to speech

Google text to speech also known as Google it’s a speech engine used to give out spoken words from your device.For example if I was going to navigate to somewhere using Google maps Google text to speech will give out spoken language to tell you where to go.Google text to speech doesn’t navigate you to your destination by speaking the directions,it can also read audio books to you provided you have an app like Google play books installed.

feature of text to speech

It can also be used on Google translate when translating a language as you can allow it to speak the translation.

Google text to speech also provides spoken feedback to people who are disabled and can’t see.It provides disabled people to navigate around their device as it speaks to the user on what thing the user has tapped on the phone.You can also download different text to speech engines like IVONA text to speech if you are tired of the standard Google voice that you get.So that’s basically it’s pretty simple to understand what it is.

you can turn on text-to-speech and have your text read aloud and on any Android mobile phone To go back to your home screen.

Steps to enable/ install text to speech

1. go to Google Play Store

2. install an app called Android accessibility suite so you want to search for this app called Android  accessibility suite and install it.

3.installed make sure it is installed on your phone

4 To go down and  tap on the Settings icon from here tap on accessibility then tap on install services now if you don’t install that suite then this option is in here wouldn’t up here so make sure you install them first then tap on select your speak and make sure it is switch on.

If it’s off tap on that you switch it on and once it is on you can see it say that when select your speak is on you  can tap specific items on the screen to hear them wait aloud and then the first time on the icon then you can tap on a specific item like text or an image drag your finger across this with multiple  items tap the play button to hear  everything on the screen select the text.

you can see it will  start to read immediately from where you begin the selections to the end of the  selections and that’s how you can have your text with allowed either from the beginning or  on a specific part of the text that’s quite straightforward we works on your Android phone so there’s a  lot of apps that you can install so if you go to the Play Store and just type in read aloud and then this up here called boys allowed later this a lot of other apps you can also try try it as well I find this one got quite good writing so our install it so basically it works very similar so you can select the text from a web page or any other apps and then you can share so tap on the share button and then now we want to share to the app and other text is now copied to the app so you can say that it will wait out the text.

What is other work of text to speech

In this app here you can also have a  we are books as well so if it’s happen that you can have – we are e-books PDF documents HTML and text so not only just web pages where you can actually

can also we books as well for my PDF document.

if  want to change text-to-speech voice and speech rate

you  can go into settings and then tap on general management and tap on language and input then tap on text-to-speech and here you can choose I prefer text-to-speech engines so you can choose between Samsung Google text-to- speech engine and also if you tap on the language tap on the Settings icon and here you can also install install voice data based on the language so you can say you can install voice database on our language you can also do other  things as well so you can amplify speech volumes change .

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