google computer language

google computer language

Python is recognized as the official language in Google, which today is one of the major languages ​​of Google, along with C ++ and Java.Google uses Python Code.Google.Com. Since its creation, Google has always used Python as part of its core for the programming language.

Python is a general-purpose and high-level programming language. You can use Python to develop desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. What’s more, Python, as an elevated level programming language, enables you to concentrate on the center usefulness of the application by dealing with regular programming assignments.

Python is a more productive language than Java. Python is an interpretive language with elegant syntax, and makes it an excellent choice for scripting and rapid application development in many fields. It is a dynamically typed programming language.

Why is it called Python? When he began implementing Python, Guido van Rossum was also reading a script published from the 1970s BBC comedy series “Monty Python Flying Circus”. Van Rosum thought he needed a name that was short, unique and a bit mysterious, so he decided to call it the Python language

Python provides a lot of features which are listed below.

1) Easy to learn and use. Python is easy to learn and use.

2) Express language.

3) Interpreted language.

4) Cross-platform language.

5) Open and open source.

6) Object-oriented language.

7) Extensible.

8) Large Standard Library.

Some programming-language features of Python are:

  • An assortment of essential information types are accessible: numbers (gliding point, complex, and boundless length long whole numbers), strings (both ASCII and Unicode), records, and word references.
  • Python supports object-situated programming with classes and various legacies.

The disadvantages of Python are:

  • Speed. Python is slower than C or C ++. …
  • Development of mobile. Python is definitely not an excellent language for portable advancement. …
  • Memory consumption. Python is not a good option for memory intensive tasks. …
  • Database access. Python has limitations to database access. …
  • Runtime errors.

Why Python is so popular

The first and most important reason that Python is so popular is because it is highly productive compared to other programming languages ​​such as C + and Java. … Python is also known for its simple programming syntax, code readability, and English-like commands that make coding in Python very easy and efficient.

Companies know that Python is using:

  • Google YouTube)
  • Facebook (tornado)
  • Dropbox
  • Yahoo.
  • NASA.
  • IBM.
  • Mozilla
  • Quora: D.

Special about Python?

Python is a general-purpose language, which means that it can be used to build anything that will come in handy with the right tools / libraries. Commercially, Python is great for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. … Join Our Python Experts Now

Why Python a good career?

Python is good for carriers because it is valuable in the software industry for the following reasons: It is widely used – you can easily assemble a team of experienced programmers in it

Can Hack with python?

Here we will start looking at the most commonly used scripting language for hackers, Python. Python has some significant highlights that make it especially helpful for hacking, yet maybe in particular, it has some pre-fabricated libraries that give exceptionally incredible usefulness

In Google Coded

There is no single programming language. Google has an exceptionally open improvement condition with various assistance APIs. Java, JavaScript, C ++, Python, Go, Sajjal (a custom logging language), and perhaps some other languages ​​are supported. Search is for the most part dependent on C ++ and some Python.

Programming languages used in most popular websites

Websites Popularity (unique visitors per month) Back-end (Server-side) 1,600,000,000     C, C++, Go, Java, Python 1,100,000,000 Hack, PHP (HHVM), Python, C++, Java, Erlang, D, XHP, Haskell 1,100,000,000 C, C++, Python, Java, Go
Yahoo 750,000,000 PHP

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