Electronic Project Part 1

Electronic Project

  • Making Electronic Devices(Musical Bell, Multitester,  Timer switch etc) using Electronic  Items (Capacitor /Transistor /Diode / Switch).
  • Circuit Diagram.


  • A multitester is also called a VOM  is an associate electronic instrument that mixes many measuring functions in one unit. A typical multitester will live voltage, current, and resistance. Analog multitester uses a microammeter with a moving pointer to show readings.
    Some multitester measurement:
    •Multitester will live alternative necessary aspects of condenser standing like ESR, dissipation issue, or leakage.
    •Conductance in Siemens, that is that the inverse of the resistance measured.
    •Decibels of electronic equipment, seldom in sound.
    •Frequency in Hertz.
    •Inductance in henries. Like capacitance measuring, this can be sometimes higher handled by a purpose designed inductance/capacitance meter.
    •Temperature in degrees astronomer or Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, with associate applicable temperature check probe.
The following components check Multitester
ü Resistor
ü Capacitor
ü Transformer
ü Diode
ü Transistor 
Circuit Diagram

Musical Bell

The musical bell that may be operated by simply bridging the gap between the bit plates with one’s fingertips. therefore there’s no want for a mechanical ‘on’/‘off’ switch as a result of the bit plates act as a switch. alternative options embody low price and low power consumption. The bell will work on one.5V or 3V, victimization one or 2 pencil cells, and might be utilized in homes and offices.

Transistor 187 NPN
IC UM 66
Varw Board
Musical Bell

Timer Switch

Timer  Switch bestowed here could be an easy equipped electronic timer that drives a high potency white crystal rectifier for a finite day out. This circuit is extremely helpful for in-car reading etc. The circuit works off twelve V dc provide. once construction, match the unit at an acceptable location within your automobile and power the circuit from the in-dash commonplace igniter socket. The timer light-weight switch is radical easy, economic, easy and self-instructive.


üRelay 6v-100Ω
üTransistor 188
üResistance 1KΩ
üCapacitor 10kv/1000MDF
Timer Switch

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