Dual sim smartphones Myth

Dual sim smartphones Myth

The need for dual SIM smartphones is increasing day by day. Now after the arrival of Jio Sim, more people are turning to Dual SIM 4G smartphones. In India, where people keep a SIM card for using the internet and for the second call, there are many myths about dual sim phones. We are going to tell you about the common myth on which people believe.

 Myth: does not have much battery expenditure

People think that it is a myth that dual SIM phone consumes more battery, but this is true. Dual sim phones have a problem of battery discharge more than single SIM phones due to their separate Android interface.
Myth: All smartphones have a similar problem

Now because there is a separate interface in Android for dual SIM smartphones, there are many problems in settings. Like Samsung’s new Dual SIM smartphones have the ‘Smart Dual-SIM’ feature, so calls on the second SIM also come during the call on the first SIM. These features do not work many times and the phone hangs, but this is not a problem in single SIM phones.
Myth: All dual SIM smartphones have 3G / 4G

If you bought a dual sim smartphone then it is not necessary that your 3G or 4G SIM runs in that phone. Often people find it difficult to understand that their SIM is not working. This is because there is often a SIM slot in smartphones that supports 3G / 4G. Apart from this, many smartphones come in a slot sim and the other is either a SIM or a memory card, insert a memory card or insert a SIM instead of the Nano SIM. In such a case, pay attention before purchasing the phone.
Myth: Dual SIM smartphone will come while traveling

If you are going out somewhere and thinking that putting that area’s SIM in your phone, then this idea is correct, however, it is not necessary to do this work every time. Due to the deterioration of settings in many smartphones, your SIM does not work, such that the primary SIM slot has to be emptied. If you are thinking of going abroad, first check whether your smartphone will support the SIM there or not. However, this problem is no longer in newer smartphones.
Myth: Android does not have user interface right

It is important to know about dual SIM phones that stack Android operating system does not have dual sim settings. These manufacturing companies have to put aside separately. Because of this the settings are slightly different and people have difficulty in using them often. The same happens with the data settings. It does not have anything to do with its main Android.

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