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Losing smartphones in today’s time is not less than a nightmare. All of us have important data, digital, wallet, photos, photos, chat, email etc in the fones. Due to phone lost or stolen, all our vital data becomes threatened by the loss.
What we’re talking about today is Whatsapp. If the phone is lost or stolen, then a person can get a phone call from someone who can misuse it. That’s why we are telling you the way how you can deactivate Whatsapp Account if you lose the phone and you can avoid such problems.


When the phone is lost, first call your mobile service provider and lock the SIM card. This is because SMS or call is required to authenticate your account. And as soon as you lock your SIM, the person who has your phone will not be able to use it.
After locking the SIM, you can activate your WhatsApp Account in the second handset by taking a new SIM card. Remember, at one time, WhatsApp Ads can remain active on one device only.

The other way is to email to the WhatsApp Team. In the body of the email you will have to write “Lost / Stolen: Deactivate My Account” and with this you have to write your phone number with your country code. Also remember, write your number in the same way as you save on your smartphone
One more thing to note, that Whatsapp can be used via Wi-Fi too. Whatsapp can be used even if the SIM card is not present in the handset. Therefore it is most important to deactivate your account by contacting the WhatsApp team. Whatsapps can not know the location of the lost phone.

Users have 30 days of time in which they can reactivate their account. Account will not automatically be deactivated for one month after the account is not reactivated. If during this time your contacts send you a message, they will get you to reactivate the account, but after 30 days, they will also end.
If you have saved your chats in Google Drive, Icloud or any other cloud, hope to restore the chat history.

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