Tips to increase Phone Battery Life

Tips to increase Phone Battery Life

Tips to increase Phone Battery Life

  1. Check Network Signal

It’s perpetually discovered that if your portable doesn’t have enough network strength it’ll try and explore for higher network signals all the time and takes tons of battery. although we have a tendency to can’t do something concerning this, however this might be one among reason if your mechanical man battery down chop-chop and you’re searching for reasons. Yes, we have a tendency to perpetually will use mobile services from best network supplier in our space and have powerful signals all the time.

2. Keep a watch on automotive vehicle synchronize Apps

There are various mechanical man apps, that are keep synchronizing with server mechanically on nominal quantity. when it synchronize, it takes a large battery power. you mostly will either disable automotive vehicle synchronize for such apps or increase synchronization time. for instance, if you head to Email application –> Account Settings –> Email check frequency, it’s set to fifteen minutes by default. you mostly will increase the time if you’re not having abundant emails. Same are applicable for Facebook, twitter and heap different apps you’ll have.

3. Remove  extra Apps

Loading various extra apps after all have an effect on mobile performance yet as provide additional hundreds on battery which ends your battery might not last long. Firstly, you ought to avoid putting in various not needed applications on your mechanical man device.

Follow Step: Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications

Tips to increase Phone Battery Life

4. Live wallpapers on Home screen

Most of the users perpetually want to possess live wallpapers like fish ponds, natural or different that are essentially animations and consume tons of memory yet as battery. There are lots apps which is able to assist you to examine and feel animated wall papers however keep them on home screen and every one the time running isn’t a wise plan.

5.Use power device

Though I actually have told earlier to cut back widgets on home screen, however keeping Android’s intrinsic power device on the house screen can amaze you by save your mechanical man phone battery life. you’ll be able to simply toggle ON or OFF for your GPS, screen brightness, LAN and Bluetooth settings.

Follow: Settings –> Widgets –> Power management

6.  Home screen widgets

There may be various advantages by having few necessary widgets on home screen. Well, you ought to remember that they’re not simply sitting on your home screen and assist you in many ways however they additionally consume tons of battery life. By merchandising extra widgets you for sure will increase mechanical man phone battery life up to some extent.

Follow Step: faucet on device –> drag it to Trash icon

7.Sleep good with smartphone

Since you’re employing a smartphone, you ought to have some style of good applications which is able to assist you to modify off, all different apps or processes or resources that are playacting massive role in killing battery life, as per schedule. you’ll be able to install mechanical man management apps like Task bar and schedule your sleeping time once you may not want LAN, Bluetooth and few different non needed apps/processes. this may not solely assist you to extend mechanical man phone battery life, however additionally increase your own life

8.Check and Kill real Enemy

You simply will get an inventory of all applications or processes, that kills your mechanical man battery and assist you to spot real enemy. Once you have got this data organized in descendant order, you’ll be able to work additional higher to extend phone battery life. amazingly if you found any application that you ne’er used however still shopper your battery, you’ll be able to directly kill or uninstall them.

Follow Step : Settings –> concerning phone –> Battery use Brightness

Your mechanical man show kills most battery if it’s not being controlled with needed brightness setting. Best means is you’ll be able to install brightness toggle device on your mechanical man device and keep dynamic brightness as per your necessities. you furthermore may will build Automatic brightness which is able to management your device brightness in line with outside lights.

Follow Step: Settings –> show Settings –> Brightness


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