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WhatsApp Business is a free to download app available on Android and iPhone, and was created with the small business owner in mind. WhatsApp makes interaction with customers easier by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly reply to business messages.

Difference between whatsapp and business whatsapp

The business app comes with yet another useful feature that makes it easy for customers to initiate chat. Short link is a built-in feature in WhatsApp Business App. You can have links to common accounts on standard WhatsApp, but the only difference is that you need to create them manually.


Steps To Install Whatsapp Business:-

Start out in the Play Store and just search for WhatsApp Business. It’ll autofill. You’ll see the little icon come up after it figures out that you want the business one.

Select that. I’ve already installed it, so my option is open. But, you’re going to install it at this point. It’s going to put the icon on your home page. It’s highlighted.

 Then, you’re going to get a lot of options where it needs you to accept terms. It needs permission to access your microphone, your pictures, and just allow all of these options. If you don’t allow them, it’s really not going to work as it’s designed.

So, go through and give it the information if not show you my phone number. No offense, but… As we go through this, going to set this up as a business that would be likely want to have a social media presence for someone that wants to come contact them easily.

Make it a XYZ company thinking that if you have a XYZ problem you just want to grab your mobile phone and message someone from WhatsApp.

so It just put in  phone number and now it texted me a verification code. Grab that code, put it in here.It did that and now I’m ready to put in my business information. Get it in here exactly right because you can’t change it. Get that done and press ok.

It takes a little while to initialize doing whatever it’s doing and then once that’s done going to be up and running in the app.

It  show you different types of configurations that are going to affect how your customers interact with you. It’s hooked up to my contacts now.

 These icons in the middle are people that are in  phone because you  gave it permission to access my contacts. You see the option in the upper right hand corner.

If touched it then  going to go to the settings. This is where you’re going to customize it in a way that makes sense for how you want to communicate.

The first thing I’m going to do is go into the profile.It tapped on the little icon of a picture of a person and It tapped the picture of a camera. It’s going to bring up the pictures that are already on my phone and I’m gonna select one that represents my business.

This is looking at the pictures on my phone. I’m gonna pick pick the picture of the fountain and that other picture that you see, that’s just potatoes,It promise. So, let’s crop the picture.It know it might be a little funny to have a picture of a fountain for a plumber but It thought that was, of all the pictures It had on my phone,It thought that one probably worked pretty well. Now you go into your business settings and you want to configure the messages.

The away message is something that someone’s going to get if they message you and you’re not at your phone right then. So, you want it to be something that keeps that person interested and makes them want to come back and communicate with you.Itjust left it as the default here because that made sense. Let’s say, hey let’s always send that okay, so we don’t need to do a custom schedule. If I’m not at my phone, I’m not at my phone. You might want it to send a different message at night saying, you know, I’ll text you at 6:00 a.m. Now, there’s some more unique message options here where you can do quick replies. You can set up something where – here’s this whole sentence. I’m going to access a sentence just by doing a little shortcut. This one would be if someone messages me and it’s a great deal. I’m going to do their XYZ. But, then It want another one where I’ll do their XYZ but they’re really far away so I’m going to warn them that I’m going to give them a trip charge. This would just be another thing that,n after you set it up, you can send it with just a few keystrokes because you have a shortcut to it now. I’m done with the quick replies. I’m going to go in and change the notification. The thought on this is that your phone may be ringing and dinging all the time, but you want to know when that ring is from WhatsApp because, if you’re under a sink doing your XYZ and someone texts you, if that’s from WhatsApp, you might know it’s likely to be a customer. You want to stop and look at it.It just set a sound there that was different than the normal sounds. Now that you’ve done your basic configurations, you’re ready to go. You have your profile picture. The app has access to you. You have your shortcuts set. Now you’re ready for the first person to message you. They’ll get and automatic message right back and then you can follow up with them!

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