WhatsApp में नहीं हैं काम के ये फीचर्स, क्या आपको भी है इंतजार?

These features of work are not in WhatsApp, are you also waiting?

 There is still a single theme with green color in WhatsApp. That’s why many fake messages are also viral on the new themes on Whatsapp. In such a situation, the company should launch some new color themes to improve the user experience. False message from the coming of the theme and the mind of the user will not be diverted to the second option.

These are the following Features

  1. Hide Chat Option Users who use telegram app about hide chats will be aware of this. This chat is very specific that after a fixed time, the conversation or the shared data made during the chat becomes auto-deleted. This means that you can not know about the message. Even though Whatsapp has a feature of deleting a message, its duration is 7 minutes long. In this case Hyde Chat option should also be in the Whatsapp app.
  2. Maximum Photo-Video Sharing: At least 30 photos or videos can be shared with Whatsapp. At first, it was only 10, but when this data is compiled from other apps, then it looks a lot less then. On the telegram, the user can share his entire gallery with the other. Even if there are only 1000 photos in the gallery. In such a way, WhatsApp will have to bring Maxim photo/video sharing feature.
  3.  Addition to the group: There will be many groups on your Whatsapp, in which you have been added by any friend, relative or another member. There are so many messages in these groups that one day many people do not even read. In such a way, WhatsApp is required to create an Admin Group and add another user to it, then it will have a permissions message. If the user gives the permissions only then they can be added to the group.
  4.  Message to any Mobile number: On Whatsapp, you can also message only the user who is in the contact list. This means that direct messages cannot be made to any mobile number. In such a case, the company should also work on such features with the help of which direct messages can be sent or sent data to any contact.
  5.   Message to Unknown number: Many times a message comes from an unnumbered number on your Whatsapp. If the name or profile photo has taken the name of the seller in that number, then you may recognize it, but it is not so that the name of the sender is not known. In this case, if someone messages from an unknown number, then the first name should come. Whereby it can be identified.
  6. Rights of Group Admin: The user group in the Whatsapp apparatus is called admin. He can add anyone to that group. Not only this, he can make somebody a group admin too. That is, the rights of the group admin are approached by all. That is, the other group admin can add or remove anyone in the group. Not only this, he can also remove the group’s chief admin. In such a situation, it is necessary that no user can remove any user from the group created

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