Unlock your mobile in a 2 minute

Unlock your mobile in a 2 minute

The user does not remember his password or Pattern Lock, which often causes the user to face unlocking the pattern lock and have to reset the phone or format it.
If you remember the phone’s password then whatever email you put in your phone if you remember it, you can easily unlock Mobile Pattern, but if you do not remember both of these, you forgot your password So how can you unlock any Android mobile easily?

You do not need any kind of pattern lock software or any kind of computer or laptop system. You can unlock the phone from the mobile i.e. break the password.

Switch phone off
1. Close the mobile
2. Battery turned out and then put the battery back
3. Now press the power button + home button + volume up
First of all, you have to switch off your mobile, then remove the battery and put it back on it. After this, now you have to press the volume up + power button + home button together until the screen turns on. As soon as the screen turns on you will reach the bootloader.

Unlock your mobile in a 2 minute

Notice that in this process, the data in your mobile is the photos of the video, which is in the phone memory, the whole of the whole will be deleted and on some phones you do not need to press the Home button or on some phones you will be able to volume up You may also need to press the Volume down button on the place. If this is not the case, then you must check this method as something else in the phone to unlock the phone pattern unlock. Africa is

Please note that the touch here will not work
Use Volume Up and Volume Down to Down
Volume down to select data wipe / factory reset
Now press the power button to select

When you run Android system in recovery mode, you have to be careful that touch will not work in your phone, for this, you will need to use the Volume Up and Volume Down button in the mobile to select the option below, Select the factory reset, then select the power button to select it.

Volume down to yes option
Now press the power button

So now you will see lots of options on this here, you have to format the phone to unlock Mobile Pattern, then for that you have to come down to Volume Down and yes (Yes) Button is pressed, then your phone will be fully formatted as soon as the format is complete you will see the system recovery mode.

Now select the system reboot Now option and press the power button

Wait for phone format to be completed
Now, once you have completed the formatting, you should choose System reboot now.
Now press the power button

As soon as you show the system recovery mode, you have to choose the option of System Reboot Now and press the power button again, as soon as you press the power button, your phone will restart and it will take some time for 4 to 5 minutes. Wait as soon as the phone restart

You will not see any type of mobile pattern lock. You will not have to setup your phone at the same time as the handset that is in the new phone. You have to setup from the beginning and your mobile pattern will be unlocked.

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