tech websites

tech websites

A few great tech websites that you might find helpful:

  • CNET ( CNET is one of the most trusted sources for tech news, product reviews, and more.
  • TechCrunch ( TechCrunch is a website dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the latest developments in technology.
  • Engadget ( Engadget is an online magazine, covering the latest in technology, gadgets, and consumer electronics.
  • The Verge ( The Verge is a technology news site, covering the latest trends in gadgets, gaming, and digital culture.
  • ZDNet ( ZDNet is a website focused on technology news, reviews, and analysis from across the globe.

top 100 tech websites

list of the top 100 tech websites according to Alexa rankings: 

1. Google2. YouTube3. Amazon4. Facebook5. Apple6. Baidu7. Microsoft8. Wikipedia9. Yahoo10. QQ11. Twitter12. Taobao13. Tmall14. Instagram15. LinkedIn16. Sohu17. Reddit18. JD19. Tencent20. Sina21. Yahoo Japan22. Bing23. Stack Overflow24. Yandex25. Douban26. Naver27. GitHub28. Weibo29. Alipay30. Mail.ru31. Twitch32. Vk33. Pinterest34. Ask35. Kakao36. Microsoft Online37. Discuz38. Ok.ru39. Bilibili40. 4shared41. Taringa42. Wells Fargo43. Adobe44. Blogger45. PayPal46. Hulu47. Amazon India48. Oracle49. CNET50. Adobe Creative Cloud51. eBay52. Flipkart53. Bank of America54. AliExpress55. WordPress56. Home Depot57. Walmart58. Verizon59. Wikia60. Xvideos61. Steam62. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC63. IMDb64. Pornhub65. Go.com66. Chase67. Dropbox68. TripAdvisor69. Amazon Japan70. Salesforce71. Chase Online72. LinkedIn Learning73. Netscape74. Zillow75. Booking.com76. Indiatimes77. Adobe Photoshop78. Adobe Illustrator79. Steam Community80. Adobe Dreamweaver81. Avast82. Target83. Adobe Flash Player84. Baidu Tieba85. Stack Exchange86. Quora87. Opera88. Bitbucket89. HP90. Cisco91. Mozilla Firefox92. Adobe Acrobat93. Autodesk94. Adobe Audition95. Adobe Premiere Pro96. Apple Support

best technology websites

some of the top technology websites

  1. TechCrunch –
  2. The Verge –
  3. Wired –
  4. CNET –
  5. Ars Technica –
  6. Engadget –
  7. ZDNet –
  8. Gizmodo –
  9. Mashable –
  10. Tom’s Hardware –

best technology websites design 2022

There are so many great technology websites design options for 2022! Some of my favorites include Awwwards, which showcases the best web designs from around the world, Webflow, which is a visuals-driven design platform that allows you to create beautiful websites quickly and easily, and Webdesigner Depot, which features the latest trends in website design. All of these websites have excellent tutorials and resources to help you create a stylish and modern website.

tech websites in india

 1. Gadgets Now (

 2. Tech2 (

3. BGR India (

 4. NDTV Gadgets (

 5. Digit (

 6. TechRadar India (

 7. YourStory (

8. PCMag India (

9. Gizbot (

 10. TechPP (

top tech blogs in india

  1. TechPP –
  2. –
  3. Gizbot –
  4. Tech2 –
  5. The Next Web India –
  6. YourStory –
  7. Digit –
  8. IndianWeb2 –
  9. FactorDaily –
  10. Medianama –

tech websites in india in hindi

  1. Gizbot:
  2. Techradar India:
  3. Digit Hindi:
  4. Tech Guru:
  5. Technology Times:

tech websites united states

some of the top tech websites in the United States:

  • TechCrunch:
  • The Verge:
  • CNET:
  • Wired:
  • Ars Technica:
  • Engadget:
  • Gizmodo:
  • Mashable:


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