Problem & Solution UPS ,Sound Box

Problem and Solution of UPS

Problem: UPS not working with Ac or Battery (Dead).
Solution:           Ø  Fuse & cable(AC code) problem
                               Ø  Relay switch problem
Ø  Small transformer problem
Ø  Check for primary & secondary coil of transformer id ok or not
      Problem: UPS works on AC but does not give battery backup
Ø  Battery fault
Ø  Charging problem
Ø  Inverter circuit fault
Ø  Remove the battery connection
Ø  Check voltage & ampere on wire which connected to battery if ok battery is faulty
Ø  Check the ampere battery of battery, if all above concept is ok then there is problem in inverter circuit(chip fault)
   Problem: Low battery backup
Ø  Battery not fully charged [Always on AC main even UPS is off position]
Ø  Battery outdated
Ø  Overload
Ø  Low- quality MOSFET transistor
 ? System gets reset while main power cut[UPS providing backup]
Ø  The transfer time from main to inverted is too high [Relay or relay circuit problem]
Ø  Relayàcharge Relay, Relay Circuità set adjustment to get accurate voltage [Not manually]
Ø  Connect [444v/2.5MFD] capacitor with output
Common Possible Reasons & Solutions
1.There can be some defects in the power switch. Contact service center to repair it.
2.The inverter and the UPS can be tripped. Reset by pressing the Trip reset button.
3.The battery can be disconnected. Connect the battery.
4.The terminals of the battery can be loose. Check the terminals.
5.The terminals can be rusty and corroded. Keep them clean.
6.The battery can be weak and unable to perform properly. Check the battery condition and replace if it is old. If it is not, then charge.
7.The battery can be discharged. Charge it for few hours and after that put it to work.
8.The battery can be faulty. Replace it. There are many renowned brands available around the globe, such as Okaya,
offering a wide range of inverter battery that comes with impeccable performance ability and long-term
9.Battery terminals can be reversed. Connect them appropriately. Follow the user manual for detailed information
and guidance.
The battery is not getting charged: Possible Reasons & Solutions
1.The battery can be completely dead. The time has come to replace it.
2.The rectifiers can be blazed. Contact service center and avail repairing service.
3.The fuses can be melted. Change them.
4.The connection can be loose. Check the terminals for corrosion. Keep them clean with dry cloth.
Sound Box

Fault finding

 ? Dead
   Testing touch audio pin any humming yesà ok
        No à LED is glowing or not
        Yes à power supply ok
        No àcheck 8.5 DC on both of capacitor
        Yes àLED resistance fault
        Noà Diode /Capacitor (Short), touch poi f ICà is humming
                               Yes à problem in TC or protection
                                No à IC Bad
? Sound clarity problem    
1.   Power supply filter problem
2.   Earth problem
Note:  not uses center-tapped transformer for power supply



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