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Problem of Dot Matrix Printer

: Not printing (Windows)
Þ   Windows driver fault (Printer driver)
Þ   Printer not installed
Þ   Driver corrupt
Þ   Windows corrupt
Solution :Now go to DOS mode (shut down & DOS)
C:>try to print here
C:>type ram.txt >prn
C:>type ram.txt >LPT1
C:>type ram.txt >COM1
Problem2:  If not printing
Þ   Cable fault
Þ   Port not activated
Þ   Printer fault
Solution : If not printing in DOS & Windows
Now we do printer self test
Problem 3:How to get self test print out
 Self test of printer is a process for to print printer specification (Keyboard Patten   without PC.
Þ   Insert paperàoff printer
Þ   Press LF/FF or eject button
Þ   Now on printer
If printing then printer is 99% ok
So check for windows driver or cable etc
Problem 4:How to check that printer is properly installed
Solution :  (Driver)
§  Settingàprinter
·       àOpen àproperties
Problem 5:Not printing (Assuming that these are no any fault in  PC)
  Do a self test
Þ    Insert paper
Þ    Press LF/FF and on printer
Þ    It will print a self test 99% ok
Problem 6: If not printing àrefer to chip level
Þ   RAM(printer fault(Buffer)
Þ   Connector problem
Þ   Connector problem
Þ   Connector chip failure
Problem 7: Test page printing but not printing with PC
Þ   Buffer problem (chip level)
Þ   Connector problem
Þ   Cable problem
Þ   Driver problem


Problem 8:   very light print out               à
Þ   Resolution less setting
Þ   Carbon ribbon old or dry
Þ   Resolution is low
Þ   Lever set to multi paper whimulti-paper single paper 
Þ   Pins rubbed out (Head old)
Þ   Change ribbon,
Þ   set resolution max(240×120,120×120,120×60)
Þ   set dark to 70%
Þ   set lever according to paper size thinness
Þ   if rubbed out them replace head

Problem 9             
Þ   Belt  loses
Þ   Shaft become dry (lubricant required )
Þ   Pully which responsible for move ribbon (cartridge) is loose 
Þ    Belt old(teeth rubbed)
Solution:        Apply swing machine oil as lubricant  
Problem 10                   Aà |
Þ Motor
Þ Belt
Þ Shaft
Þ Chip(controller )
Problem 11:  Line Missed
Þ   Pin broken (any particular)
Þ   Pin stack
Þ   Pin bended (bent )
Þ   Data cable damaged 
Problem 12 :  Ribbon damage in frequently
Þ   Ribbon cartridge faulty (Ribbon not mobbing)
Þ   Pin damaged
Þ   Roller became harder
  Solution:    Clean with head cleaner by cotton wool                    
Problem 13 :          Paper not loading
Þ   Paper sensor bad
Þ   Roller motor bad
Þ   Roller became slippery(No grip)
  Solution:   Roller grip less , clean with head cleaners
Problem 14            Paper not ejecting after print
Þ   Sensor problem
Þ   Page size problem
 Solution: Composed document (page setup) & printer setting (page  Setup)
             Print option
o   Paper setup
o   Resolution
o   Layout (land scale , portrait )
        Problem 15:  Printing on Roller
Þ   Paper smaller than page setup and sensor problem
Þ   Printer confused
Þ   Printer hanged
Þ   Paper width is less or paper loaded incorrect 
                        Must off the printer half minute
   Problem 16: Tractor not working 
Þ   Gear problem
Þ   Selector switch  problem
Þ   Sensor problem (Selector)
Problem 17 :Control button not functing
Þ    Printer hanged
Þ   Controller bad
Problem 18: Print out not matched
Þ   Buffer problem
Þ   driver problem             


Problem 1         Not printing
    Solution    self test print
o    hold paper button
o   On power button                           
Problem 2             à
 Hole blocked
Þ   Contact point fault
Solution:  Use head cleaners software if will print a pully black
                 paper and head became cleaned   
Note:  After cleaning head will print same letter use light    


Problem 3:       à           
Þ   Same as DOT Matrix
Solution    Run head alignment software, which not matched 


Problem 4:            à
Þ   Same as DOT Matrix
Þ   Encoder strip problem
 Solution:   Do not touch with open hand otherwise may new strip
Problem 5 :Color not marching
Þ   Driver mismatching
Þ   Duplicate cartridge
Þ   Print option problem
Þ   Always use same type original cartridge
Þ   Do not refilling
Þ   Print option
o   Monitor color
o   Normal
o   Real color
o   Resolution (DTP)
o   Economy: low (Better quality),Normal(Text or photo),High(Dull Quality) 
Problem 6   I as                  oy
                I   am  a        boy
Þ   Encoder strip problem
 Problem 7:  Helloà 
Þ   Paper problem
Þ   Duplicate Cartridge
                 Always use any paper which specially for DeskJet printer. Do not contact the document with water (humanity)   
Problem 8: Helloà 
Þ   Color cartridge is not installed properly(not detected by PC)
Þ   Cartridge not alignment (By Software )
Solution:  Alignment problem, Reinstall Driver, Properly select cartridge


Problem 9:
Þ   Head alignment problem (try software ) this problem persist only in graphics )
                   Head alignment
Problem10:    If two cartridge but printer using only color one
Þ   File contain any item which is not exactly black
 Solution:               Reinstall Driver   
Problem11   Hello àHello
Þ   Paper not moving
Þ   Roller problem
Þ   Motor problem
Note :Never use too thin or thinness .Never use paper having less size      Than 4”x4”.   

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