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An instrument or Electronic device to measure current, voltage, resistance any of Electronic Items
 Type of Multi Meter
1.  Analog  Millimeter              2.Digital Millimeter
  • We can not read accurate measurement                    * Accurate
  • Cannot check high ampere                                          * Check or Indicate High Voltage 
  • Static voltage cannot be measured                              *Static Voltage measured 


Analog Multi Meter
Multi-Meter also was known as volt ohm millimeter (VOM), Analog multimeter older but still used. Analog multimeter not gives accurate result and not proper work in high voltage.
Measurement of Analog Millimeter

                10kà 0 Ω to 10K
             1Mà10 KΩ to 10M Ω
                    0.25à    0 milli  Amp to .25 MA
DCMA         10à      .25     Milli      to 10milli
                   250à    10     million       to 250 million
   DCA       10à  0 to 10
    DC        50à  10 to 50
    Volt     250à50 to 250
                1000à250 to 1000
ACV           10à  0      to   10
                 1000à250 to 1000
   250à50    to 250
          500à250   to 500
          1000à500 to 1000
Digital Multi Meter
Digital multimeter digital form of multimeter . Give accurate result and easily understand the result of a test.


Measurement Digital Multi Meter
ACV Volt    200à0   V TO 200V
                750à200V TO 750V
DC Volt     200mà0v TO 200MILLIVOLT
               2000Mà200MILI  TO 2000MILI
                20Kà1VOLT  TO 200V
               200Kà20V TO 200V
                1000Kà200V TO 100V
    200àOΩ TO 200 Ω
               2000à200Ω TO 200 Ω
               20Kà2K TO 20K
               200Kà20K TO 200K
               200Kà200K TO  200K
             Diode & Transistor
HEF       Only Transistor

10A      Dc 1A TO 10A


In Analog Multi meter:
Start with maximum if unknown
  • If reading according to range then value otherwise go to  accurate.  
ü Start with max[1MΩ].
ü Start the red & black card then (adjust 0Ω).
ü If value then reading.
ü If reading goes to 0 then decrease range (go to 10K)
ü Again adjust 0Ω
ü Insert deeply
Capacitor      [Range 1MΩ]
ü Short the  A & B point
ü Check continuity(A&B)
ü Full àdecrease value increase
ü Short  A & B point
ü Check continuity (B& A)
ü Full à decrease
1       2  3                           B& R
                                          1& 2 àok
                                        3 & 2à ok
 –        +
1             2                         1& 2 àOK
                                         2&1àNot Ok
         (1)do not measure high volt or AMP on a low range
                (2)       do not check ampere more than 2 sec
In Digital Multi meter:
# ContinuityàRange [200KΩ]
# Transformerà Range [2000KΩ]
#Voltage  àRange [2000KΩ]
# Capacitor àRange [200KΩ]   Reading will be increased
#TransistorRange [range]
# Diode Same process


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