Internet Shortcuts

Internet Shortcuts

Internet browser has its own shortcuts. Because of the use of different browsers at times, it is common for users to have a confuse of shortcuts. Internet browsers also have some shortcuts that work on almost all browsers. Whether you are working on Internet Explorer, these shortcuts can be used on Chrome or on Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Shortcuts
1. Ctrl + 1 can shuffle between open tabs in the browser. The tab of the number that will be pressed with ctrl will open.

2. Ctrl + 9: To go to the last tab open in any browser.

3. Ctrl + Tab: You can also use Ctrl + Page Up, along with the tab to move from there to the next, but this shortcut will not work on Internet Explorer.

4. Ctrl + Shift + Tab: to go to the previous tab of the tab you’re on.

5. Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4: To close all tabs.

6. Ctrl + Shift + T: To open the last tab closed again.

7. Ctrl + T: To open a new tab.

8. Ctrl + N: To open a new browser window.

9. Alt + F4: To close the browser.
10. Middle Click a Tab (Going up any tab and middle-clicking the mouse) – To close the tab.

11. Ctrl + Left Click, Middle Click – Open any link in the background in another tab.
14. Alt + space – to open the main menu.

15. Alt + Right Arrow, Shift + Backspace – Forwarding the online video.

16. F5 – To reload the page.

17. Esc to close

18. Alt + Home – To load the browser’s home page.

12. Shift + Left Click- To open any link in another browser window.

13. Ctrl + Shift + Left Click – To open any link in the first tab.
19. Ctrl and +: zoom in (zoom to the content of the page)

20. Ctrl and -: Zoom Out

21. Ctrl + 0 – To set the page to default zoom.

22. F11 – to move to full screen mode.

23. Spacebar or Page Down – to scroll down the webpage (to move to the bottom of the page)

24. Shift + Space, Page Up – to scroll webpage (to move up the page)

25. Home – to go to the top of the webpage.

26. End – to go to the bottom of the webpage.

27. Middle click (middle click on webpage with mouse) – Setting webpage scrolling on mouse movement.

28. Ctrl + L, Alt + D, F6 – Focusing the address bar so that it can be typed on it.

29. Ctrl + Enter – After typing any word on the address bar, if pressed Ctrl + Enter, then automatically put the www in front of that word on the browser. And finally the .com will look.

30. Alt + Enter – Open the link typed in the address bar in another tab.
31. Ctrl + F, F3 – To open the search box on the webpage.

32. Ctrl + G, F3 – To find the next item text match on the webpage.

33. Ctrl + Shift + G, Shift + F3 – To find the last item matching text item on a webpage.
34. Ctrl + H – To open browsing history.

35. Ctrl + J – to open the download history.

36. Ctrl + D – To bookmark the website which is open.

37. Ctrl + Shift + Del – To open the browsing history delete window.
38. Ctrl + P – To take out the printed webpage.

39. Ctrl + S – To open the open webpage in the computer.

40. Ctrl + O – to open any file saved in your computer.

41. Ctrl + U – To open the source code of any webpage (This shortcut does not work on Internet Explorer.

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