Internal And External Component part 2 (SMPS ,Connector,Speaker)


SMPS-> Switch Mode Power Supply Power supply unit to distribute power to Motherboard, Driver and different component. A unique type of power supply unit which outs fixed voltage on very Wide input range.

Short for Switched-Mode Power provide, SMPS may be a power provide that uses a shift regulator to manage and stabilize the output voltage by shift the load current on and off. These power provides supply a larger power conversion and scales back the general power loss.

Like alternative power provides, associate SMPS transfers power from a DC or AC supply (often mains power) to DC hundreds, like a private pc, whereas changing voltage and current characteristics. … In distinction, a linear power provide regulates the output voltage by regularly dissipating power within the pass transistor

 Input 110-3000->output (fixed) 

           Type of SMPS

  1. AT SMPSs have twelve pin power connective,  AT power supplies were used in 80’s and from 1996 we use ATX power supplies,
  2. ATX SMPSs have twenty pin power connective.
  3. BTX SMPSs have twenty-four and twenty eight pin power connectors.

Here area unit the AT, ATX and BTX SMPSs voltages and users.

Type of SMPS


Speakers square measure one in all the foremost common output devices used with pc systems. Some speakers square measure designed to figure specifically with computers, whereas others is connected to any variety of system. notwithstanding their style, the aim of speakers is to provide audio output that may be detected by the perceiver

 It can be present inside the cabinet or Motherboard.
A simple speaker or bugger which is connected to Motherboard to no about system starts to no about system status by the help of beep sound.
   A combination of two pin or socket (pair) to attached any devices with another  devices(system unit).
Computer Definition. an easy device that physically links, couples, or connects, 2 things along. A male instrumentation has pins that work into the sockets, or receptacles, of a feminine instrumentation, because the connectors mate. A male instrumentation generally is brought up as a plug, and a feminine instrumentation as a jack.
Type of Connector 

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