Internal and External component of Computer

Internal and External component of Computer

Internal and External component of Computer

1. Cabinet:-Generally a metallic box having the facility to fit many devices (component) to connect together. And create output as a system unit
   Type of Cabinet in desktop computer
ii) Type of Cabinet
Internal and External component of Computer
2. SPMS (Power supply)-: Power supply unit to distribute power to Motherboard, Driver and 
       different component. SMPS-> Switch Mode Power Supply. A unique type of power supply unit which outs fixed voltage on very Wide input  range. 3. Speaker:-It can be present inside the cabinet or Motherboard.A simple   
       speaker or bugger which is connected To Motherboard to no about system 
       starts to no about system status by the help of beep sound .
4. Keyboard: An input devices to enter any data and instruction into character, 
      number & special symbols.

5. Mouse:– A pointing devices for easy handling of window application.E.g.-menu 
                     selection, select an option.
6. Joystick: -A Gaming devices to play games very accurately.
7. Printer: -An output devices where we get a hard copy (printout on paper). 
                       E.g-  Impact/Non-Impact Printer.

8.    Monitor:-VDU-visual display unit to display any soft copy.
      Type of Monitor :
      1. CGA( Color graphics adapter)- ,Display text only not graphics ,      
          maximum 16 color ,D/15/M.
      2.VGA(video graphics adaptor) :-can display both, maximum million color 

9. Amplified box:-If any system has multimedia facilities then that PC has the capacity for outs sounds signal to operate sound box(speaker system). But that signal is too weak for operate the speaker so we use an amplified box.  Because this box has an inbuilt amplifier.

10. CPU:Control Processing Unit.
11. Motherboard:A PCB with multilayer print with many huge and computer circuit to control many components like CPU, RAM, ROM etc.  Actually, motherboard creates communication between different attached devices.
12. Expansions card: A place add any expansion card eg. Sound/Graphics card
13. RAM:– A RAM memory  allows data items to be read or written  physical location of data inside the memory
14. Drive: It  is a medium that is capable of storing and reading information that cannot be easily removed as a disk
15. Jumper: -Jumper switch by closing or opening an electrical circuit.
16. UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply.As latest operating system windows and Linux extra proper shot down for off the PC.Suddenly power failure can damage continuous power supply(India electricity). We use UPS.  Ups has a self-battery backup its power fails.
17. CVT:Constant Voltage Transfer.To condition the input power 
     supply.A device with given constant output on wide input range.
18. Scanner:An imaging devices to copy any image of any document.
19. Camera: Camera that feeds image in real time to or through a computer to a computer network.

20. Microphone: For input devices to convert sound signal to electrical signal.
21. Connectors:– A device that physically links or connect two things together.

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