Instagram Story Automated Share on Facebook

In this era of social media, apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have become a part of everyday life. In social media, these social sites are used today by people of all ages. In such cases, these sites are being constantly updated so that it can be provided more convenience to the users. Instagram Story will be shared on Facebook The Instagram also now brings a new feature through which you will be able to share your Instagram Story on Facebook. To share your Instagram’s story on Facebook, you will have to set the Instagram setting. After that you will be able to see your story both on Instagram and Facebook.

Follow this step to share Instagram Story with Automated Facebook

1. First you open your Instagram App and go to Settings.

2. Click the avatar in the lower right side in the setting.

3. At the top right corner of your screen, you will find an icon with three points, click it.

4. With lots of options inside it you will get the option of Story Settings.

5. In this you will have to scroll down to find the option to share the story on Facebook.

6. When you select this option, your Instagram pictures and videos will be shared on Facebook automatically. Not the option to share Facebook’s story

After doing these procedures, you will be able to share the story of Instagram as well on your Facebook account. After this, your Facebook friends will also be able to see your Instagram activity, but your Instagram friend will not be able to see Facebook’s story. The problem is that the way you will be able to share the Story of Instagram with Facebook, just like you can not share the Story of Facebook on Instagram. There is no option to share the Story of Instagram with the Story of Instagram.     Facebook will be at the top of the page Instagram Story

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