How to increase your internet speed ?

How to increase your internet speed ?

To increase the speed of your Broadband Internet  connection before you test your connection can use a website ttp:// These websites test your connection speed online. Test can be done at different times of the day.

WiFi Extender-

Wifi or LAN in every corner of your house will most work to increase the speed of the internet. If you are experiencing this problem that the net never moves and sometimes becomes very slow, then there may be a problem of this week’s signal. You can use WiFi Extender for this. This can increase the signal range for several meters.
Make Wifi Secure-

Always change your WiFi password. In addition, you can set the password of the router yourself.

For this, you have to follow these steps-

Step 1- Go to your router’s settings. You have to enter the IP address of the router in place of the URL in the web browser to go here.

Step 2– Enter the admin password provided. It is usually printed on the router too. After that you will also get Security Instruction Manual. Set up your own Wi-Fi router password now and keep these processes at least every 45 days.
Check the light of your Wi-Fi modem-

There are many types of lights burning in your Wi-Fi router. One of these is Internet connectivity, one LAN and one wireless device. If you have to find out that someone is using your Wi-Fi network without informing you, then there is an easy way to find out if you close all wireless devices.

If all devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones, smart TVs are shut down, three of the four lights will be off in the modem. If the light is not closed even after doing this, then maybe someone is using your Wi-Fi network. This method is easy, but it would not be right to say it is infallible. This is because smart devices are connected to your modem even after the shutdown. By doing so, it will know that there is no wrong use of Wi-Fi. This can change the modem’s password and username, to some extent unwanted connections can be switched off.

This will increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.
1. Go to Run menu and type “Gpedit.msc” in the Start menu. Then press OK.

2. After this there will be a tab open on your computer screen. Click on Computer Configuration in it.

3. Now click on Administrative Templates. Then click on Network.
4. After this you will have several options, from which you have to select Qos Packet Scheduler.

5. Now click Limits preservable bandwidth. After this there will be a new tab open which has 3 options, from which you have to select Disabled.

6. After this, the option of Apply at the bottom of this tab is given. Click on it and click OK.

Following this step will speed up your internet speed. In the next slide, learn why the speed of the internet increases with this trick. Speed ​​changes according to different systems and networks. Speed ​​will be different in broadband and speed in Wi-Fi.
Why Speed ​​Is Increasing –

Disabling Limits preservable bandwidth, your computer runs off windows such tasks that require bandwidth. Along with this, automatic updates also stop and the speed of the internet increases.

Many popups come if you enable this setting during gaming. These are not only irritating but also slow the speed of the net. In such a way, by enabling this setting, you can increase your internet speed.
Always Virus Scan-

There are several programs in the computer that use internet speed in the spare. Such programs can be detected by a virus scan. In addition, Boost speed programs such as Clean Master will continue to tell users how much memory is being used in the system and not how much. Regular virus scanning can increase the speed of internet browsing.

How to increase your internet speed ?

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