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How Will Facebook Change WhatsApp?

Online is a way to monitor your children’s activities on Facebook and WhatsApp without disrupting their social lives. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp tracking is all you need via any tracking app.

You can manage your children’s Facebook account without imposing any rules on them. If you know about their Facebook conversation or fried circle, your children will never know. But you can silently monitor your children’s activities and let your children enjoy healthy and normal online social life. The same applies to WhatsApp.

How facebook tracking works

You can check every detail about your child’s social life on Facebook and other websites without ever telling him. You can exchange messages, conversations, media between your child and his or her friends as well as other activities. All this can be tested remotely. You don’t have to ask for their smartphone or go to your personal computer.

All activities on Facebook can be checked remotely and then in the control room. Now the good thing is that if your child is outside, you can still check what they are doing inside your home on Facebook. Another notable feature of the tracking app is that you can track all activities in a single date stamp and time. This means that you can do real time monitoring or tracking of Facebook account. It helps to keep your child safe and you can take timely action in any emergency.

How does WhatsApp tracking work?

WhatsApp tracking lets you access all the chats or messages that your child is exchanging with their friends. Not only this, additional information can also be obtained so that you can know the sender’s name and contact and every other details. It also gives you information about media exchanges such as photos or selfies shared by your child at the exact time. So in other words, you can do real time monitoring of your children’s activities on WhatsApp, without telling them and also see every detail of sender.

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