How Web Hosting & Domain Registration Works

How Web Hosting & Domain Registration Works

Today, everything is online – if you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist, whether on social media or in Google search. It’s natural for you to have a website for your online business/blog you want to establish. If you’re not a pro and don’t have programming skills, it can be very hard to understand the meaning of all complicated terminology you need to know when you are establishing a website. Web Hosting and domain registration are two crucial elements of running a website. But these two things are not the same, and it’s very important to recognize the difference between them.

In the following article, we will try to explain everything about web hosting and domain name, and registration each one of them.

What is a domain name?

 A domain name is often confused with a website, and they are two different entities. If you want to reach a particular website, you’ll type a certain domain name in your computer browser’s URL bar. A domain name is actually a web address – the internet is made up of interconnected computers, and each computer is assigned as a series of numbers so you can identify each one of them. That number combination is IP address, and it’s separated with dots. Anyway, it’s not so easy to remember all those complicated combinations because there are so many of them, and that’s why domain names were invented. And you must admit – it’s much easier to type a memory-friendly domain name, instead of a complicated numeric combination.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a place where all the content and files of your website are stored. When a visitor types your domain name (web address) in a browser, they’ll be automatically redirected to the website files stored on your web hosting server. How? Your web address is translated in the IP address of your web hosting company computer, and voila! Magic happens.

Long story short: web hosting is a safe house for all your website files and data, and they’re ready to go back to the user’s browsers when they need them. There are many different hosting companies, and many different types of hosting plans, based on the customers needs and size of websites.

Domain name vs. Web hosting

Domain name and web hosting can’t exist without each other. In fact, it’s like you have a house, but you don’t have an address – house is a web host, and address is a domain name. Without a domain name, users can’t access your website, and without hosting service, your website can’t be published. Simple.

When we are talking about buying hosting and domain name registration, you can do it separately in two different companies – domain name from domain name company, and hosting from the host provider. It means that you’ll need to edit your DNS setting to point your domain name to your hosting. Also, in case of any problem, you’ll need to call two different companies and it’s not that easy, especially when you’re in a rush. But if you buy both domain name and hosting from one company, it could be much easier, and it’s highly recommended, especially if you’re the owner of a small or medium website. Today many hosting providers offer very affordable domain name registration and hosting. Hostinger is recommended by reviews on Website Planet as the best hosting provider that offers everything you need for a website in one place – domain name registration, different types of web hosting, 24/7 support, and so much more. When you’re thinking about the domain name, it should be strongly connected to the website and the content it represents. Also, it must be easy to remember, easy to read, and unique.

After registering a unique domain name, you must remember to renew a rental period, because you’re not buying it forever. The rental period is usually for a year, sometimes even longer, but not forever. If you forget to renew it, other people will be able to use it.

Finding a good reliable web host and registering a domain name is the hardest part of establishing a website, but it’s very important because it’s the base of all your future progress. After that, you are free to release all your creativity for making a quality and interesting content.



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