How to block wifi users on PC

WiFi theft is a common problem. If someone gets an idea of your WiFi password, then he can use it anytime. In such a situation, you do not seem to know. If you want, you can know who is using your WiFi without your consent.


some simple tips that will help you how to block wifi users on PC 

Step 1. If you want to know about WiFi theft then first you have to download the Finger Network Tools app.

Step 2. Download the Finger Network Tools app and open it.

Step 3. After down unloading the app, go to the phone’s settings.

Step 4. Open the WiFi network there. Where you will see a list of WiFi connected devices.

Step 5. In this list, you can get all the information about the device by typing the IP address of the device shown.

Step 6. Through this application you can also know when the device w,as connected to WiFi and when it was disconnected.

Step 7. You can save your name, icon, notes and location in this app.

With this, app, you can find out who is stealing your WiFi. But until you block it, the problem of wi-fi theft will not end.

How to block wifi users on PC will have to follow some steps.

Step 1. Firstly, set your WiFi password again. For this you need to open your router and open the WPA, WA2 and WEP in its wireless security mode. Then change the WiFi password.

Step 2. The use of MAC address filtration is also important. MAC Address varies widely between mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and all other devices. Go to the router’s dashboard for this.

Step 3. Where you will find the Wireless Mac Filter section below.

Step 4. Type and paste MAC Address in this section and see and save. After this, click on OK button.

Step 5. Mac address only accesses your wireless internet device.

Step 6. To protect your WiFi from theft, you need to change your WiFi password from time to time.

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