How To Restore Whatsapp

How To Restore Whatsapp

Buying a new mobile phone makes all of us excited but it often becomes a tedious process for all the trouble by retrieving old data. Nowadays, there are many third-party applications to transfer data from one smartphone to others.

Transferring your WhatsApp chat from old mobile phone to new one is another challenge. It seems difficult when both phones are from different companies. Here’s how you can restore old WhatsApp messages on a new smartphone.

Restoration using Google Drive-

One of the best ways is the restoration of old WhatsApp chats using Google Drive on Android smartphones.

(1) To back up old chats, the person must have an account with Google.

(2) After creating an account, you have to click on the ‘Google Drive’ option on the phone.

(3) Now, go to WhatsApp and snap on Settings. Under Settings, one can see ‘Chats’. Click on it.

(4) The user needs to go to chat backup and select Google account (if more than one account is being used at once).

(5) Next) Click on the ‘Back UP’ option.

(6) Now install and activate WhatsApp in your new smartphone.

(() After installation, you will get the option to recover chat history – either ‘restore’ or ‘skip’.

(8) Click on the ‘Restore’ option to get the previous chat.

We have to follow the same procedure when using iPhones. On iPhones, we need to backup old chats on iCloud.

How To Restore Whatsapp

Restoration using local drive

We can also backup WhatsApp chat history on local storage before transferring to new smartphone.

(1) Back up all previous chats from an old smartphone by going to WhatsApp- Settings- Chats- Chat back up.

(2) To save the chat on any local drive on your phone, click on the UP BACK UP button.

(3) You can access the backup file by going to the WhatsApp database in the local drive.

(4) Copy the backed-up file to your new phone and click on restore after WhatsApp is activated.

Before activating the account, it has to be kept in mind that the backup file should be stored in the WhatsApp database folder.

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