how to backup iphone to computer

The iPhone revolutionized mobile phones and the way we communicate. A lot has changed since then; However, there are basic limitations against Apple transferring iPhone data to a computer. This article examines the iPhone backup methods for computers that ease Apple’s restrictions.

Backup iPhone Contacts to PC

With the arrival of iCloud, storing iPhone contacts on Apple’s servers makes it easier than ever to transfer one’s iPhone contacts between multiple devices. But what if you want to make a secure offline backup of your contact list that is kept away from third party company servers? How to reinforcement iPhone contacts legitimately to your PC?

Well, the answer is not so easy because at first there are dozens, if not hundreds, of apps that promise to import, export, transfer, or backup certain types of iPhone contacts. You can use iTunes and sync iPhone contacts from your Windows contacts. However, this requires syncing your iPhone to iTunes. If your iTunes library was not previously synced with your iPhone, you risk your iPhone music being erased by iTunes.

As of late, I found a few outsider projects that idea to deal with your iPhone contacts and, among different highlights, can help move and reinforcement iPhone contacts to another area, for example, a new iPhone or directly In a folder on your PC.

This program requires you to have a Windows PC, scroll down if you are using a Mac or do not wish to use the computer as an intermediary to back up your iPhone data. Connect your iPhone to your PC after which your contacts will appear.

You simply need to pick your iPhone contacts from the program window and drag/drop them to a coordinator on your PC. Your iPhone contact will be moved to that folder as a * .vcf files. You can later use these files and restore them to your iPhone should you need one for another iPhone or even.

There are several alternative ways to transfer iPhone contacts to your computer as an intermediary, or directly through your iPhone device. For example, My Contacts Backup will send your old iPhone contacts to your email account from where you can reproduce them on your new iPhone.

If you want to bring all your contacts from different online accounts such as your Facebook, LInkedIn, Email, etc., you can use Smartr Contacts.

Smartr Contacts will upload your contact data from your various social and online accounts to your server and display all the data combined within their app designed to run on your iPhone.

Altering contacts and other iPhone data to your Google account by methods for Google Sync

A popular way to backup your online data, at least for those who have a Google account, is through Google Sync. If you do not have a Google account, you can easily open one. Google Sync is easy to set up on your iPhone and will sync your contacts, email and calendar to your Google account.

You can adjust your iPhone contacts by means of iTunes match up by choosing the “Google Contacts” choice in “A state of harmony Contacts” under the “Data” tab.

For those who want to avoid iTunes sync, the easiest way is to use Google Sync directly on your iPhone. To do this, simply set up an Exchange account by going to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Add Account> Microsoft Exchange.

Just follow through the set-up wizard where you need to enter your Google username and password in addition to Google’s mobile server .

Syncing iPhone contacts across multiple devices using iCloud

For those who would not mind uploading their contact information to Apple’s servers; If you’re a privacy freak that keeps your data strictly offline, you can’t enjoy it, Apple has shared your iPhone contacts, calendar, photos and even music on all your iOS devices. Just iCloud has developed a cloud-based platform for.

All iOS devices running on iOS 5 + such as iPod touch, iPhone and iPad are automatically compatible with iCloud. To enable iCloud on your iPhone, you must first set the Apple ID. An Apple ID for the most part necessitates that you give your charge card data.

Next, enable iCloud on your iPhone by navigating to

 Settings> iCloud and entering your Apple ID and password.

Finally, choose what data you want to sync between your iPhone and your iCloud account.

These are several easy ways to backup iPhone to circumvent iPhone and Apple’s limitations, depending on whether you want to backup iPhone contacts or transfer iPhone music and apps.

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