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Hidden Features & Shortcut keys Windows 10

Hidden Features of  Windows 10

How to change the color of the task bar in Windows 10?

made on both the start menu and the task bar. If you want you can go with the automatic option “Choose an accent color in your own” which will set a matching color for your desktop and make your desktop awesome.

How to change notification settings


How to add a folder to the Start menu in Windows 10?


How to remove the title from the Start menu in Windows 10?


How to make God-mode in Windows 10?

How to turn on Inactive Page Scrolling?

How to turn on “O Cortana” in Windows 10?

How to disable automatic restart in Windows 10?

Windows 10 shortcut keys!

Windows + D detects desktops
Windows + I Open Settings
Windows + G                                    Game Bar
Windows + Space        Change Input Language
Windows + S       Find Windows
Windows + L Lock
Windows + Ctrl + D         Virtual Desktops
Windows + A –         open the action center
Windows + Ctrl-Left or Right         Virtual Desktops
WINDOWS + H shared content
Windows + X              Start Button Context
Windows + K   Device   Connect Wireless
Windows + Ctrl + C         Cortana listening
Windows + Ctrl + F4         virtual desktops closes
Windows + C –        Voice Search Windows

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