Why Hang and Slow is the smartphone

When the smartphone becomes obsolete, then there is a problem of having hang in it and slowing down. That is to say that it is late in response or hangs. In this condition, the phone has to be restarted again and again. However, the reason for having a phone slow is never to be outdated. Rather, the hardware specifications of the phone and some of the mistakes made by the user are included in the software.

Reduced RAM:
Smartphones with 8GB of RAM are also coming in the market. It is not a slow or a hang during multitasking even when the RAM is high. Not only this, these phones do not even need to be restarted. However, when 4 to 5-year-old handsets have 512MB to 1GB RAM. So when the memory of these phones starts flowing or it is multitasking, then it starts getting slow and hang.
Opening the app:
This mistake is for almost all users. Whenever an app is opened in the smartphone, the user often uses it after using it. They think the app is closed, but they are minimized and remain open in the background. That is, they constantly access and consume the RAM from the phone to the phone. That is why the phone gradually slows down.
Updating the app:
Your phone has 521MB or 1GB RAM and 4GB or 8GB of memory, then do not update the installed application in the phone. The internal memory of the phone is different for the operating system and application. That is, the user never receives full internal memory. In such a way, whenever they update the app, they take even more space in memory. In the same way, updating the app, it conjures up more RAM. Which leads to phone sloop or hangs
Do not clear the cache:
Cache (CACHE) probably does not know many users. Whenever we use an app, then the template data associated with it becomes stored. Which is called cache. This data conjugates the phone’s RAM, as well as takes space in memory. It is important to keep this data clear every week.
Installing APK File:
There are several apps that are not available in the Google Play Store. However, they can be installed on the phone with the help of a third party or an APK file. These apps are always risks. The Android operating system does not allow third-party applications to be installed, even after that many users install them. There is also the danger of having data slip with phone slow and hang.
Use of antivirus or cleaner app:
Many users believe that by installing antivirus or cleaner app on the phone, the speed can be increased. Also, the hanging problem of the phone will also be removed. However, it is not. Free Antivirus does not make much of a difference in the security of the phone. On the other hand, they take space in the memory of the phone. Antivirus applications constantly scan the phone, so there is a continuous RAM consumer and the phone starts to slow.
App transfer in memory card:
Many users transfer apps to memory cards to space in the internal memory of the phone. By doing so space becomes available in the internal memory, but the phone’s booting process increases. In fact, when the app is transferred to the memory card, then the phone will search the memory card when they open the app. Because, this is the second platform of memory, in which the phone takes a little time to read it.

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