Facebook extension

Facebook extension

Facebook extension is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox. This allows you to filter your Facebook News feeds and other such posts that you do not want to see using keywords. Extension allows you to hide some news feeds, photos, videos, and disable autoplay videos


Alexa Traffic Rank is an extension of chrome, and only this extension adds you to the Alexa Traffic Panel. It removes the traffic coming in the Internet. The Alexa Extension helps you browse without hassles.
Facebook Invite All is an extension that lets you easily invite friends or their friends to any event or pages in a PC or laptop.

Facebook invites All to save your time by making your work easier.To use this extension, click on the invite box on Facebook and click on the extension bar in the address bar, you can invite all facebook friends from this extension in one click. You do not have to be invited one by one. Just install this extension in the chrome browser. And press all the friends to invite in a click. Fb invite extension for this facebook page very nice and eas

Adblock Plus Extension is an extension by which you can avoid ads coming in the website. Adblock Plus ads are the most popular for blocking. You can block ads by this. This extension is used by more than 50 million people.
Eagle Get is a free all-in-one download manager that lets you download many types of files from the Internet, as well as insert them into internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozile Firefox and Opera.
Google Mail Checker Google mail checker has helped me find out that Gmail has been mailed to me by mail, so that you can not get any new mail.

Turn Off the LightsTurn Off the Lights “, when you install a video that has been activated, you have enabled the right side of the option to activate it, which can be activated by clicking on the normal mode again. it is possible

Facebook extension

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