Electronic Project Part 2

Electronic Project Part 2

Disco Light

The Disco Lights project is what you get once you mix the superb beat detection electronic equipment of my ever widespread beat triggered scientific instrument with colored group lamps! In alternative words, four colored lights flash in a very sort of patterns in time together with your music. Some seriously cool patterns may be achieved and also the result is basically amazing.

ü147 2IC
üCapacitor 12v/100MFD
ü470 Ω 2PC
ü100K Ω-2pc
disco light


An amplifier is an electronic device that can increase the power of a signal its depend on time-varying voltage or current. An amplifier uses electric power from a power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal.

Requirement Of Amplifier  

ü TKR(4440IC ) 80[Double IC] Kit (Salson Company)
ü Bass /Treble kit  (Salson Company)
ü Transformer [12-0] 4 Amp[Amix]
ü Capacitor [4700mfd /25v]
ü Diode [5406×4]
ü Ac Card
ü Fuse set
ü Switch
ü LED & LED Box
ü 1 k Ω [1/2 watt]
ü Stereo  jack(small)
ü Shield wire (2mtr )(stereo)
ü Speaker socket
ü TC/47l Ωx6PC(Philips/SATO)
ü Knob 6PC
ü Cabinet & H/W Set


The embedding of chip technology that power electronic devices at intervals the fashion of intelligent AC voltage stabilizers diode to produce high-quality, stable power offer at intervals the event of the nice and continuous deviation of the mains voltage.

Requirement of Stabilizer
ü  300 Walt Transformer/  50 volt
ü  Auto cut kit (12volt AC kit)
ü  12 volt /200 Ω Relay Switch
ü  Cabinet and all Hardware Set
ü  Fuse and Fusebox
ü  66kΩx2 [1/2 walt]
ü  2 LED (Red/Green)
ü  5 Pin Socket
ü  Volt Meter
ü  DPDT Switch
ü  AC Card
ü  Rotary Switch(Hard) & Knob  
ü  Bolt & Screw
ü  Connection Wire


Emergency light

An emergency lightweight may be a battery-backed lighting device that switches on mechanically once a building experiences an influence outage. Emergency lights are normal in new industrial and high occupancy residential buildings, like school dormitories.

Emergency Light

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