Description of Electronics Items Part 2

Description of Electronics Items Part 2

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Capacitors are one of the most widely used forms of electronics components, although there are many types of capacitors, electrolytes, ceramic, tantalum, plastic, silver asbestos, and many others. Each capacitor has its own advantages and the damage can be used in various applications. Mainly capacitor are used to filter noise from power providesthey’re used to preserve system reminiscences once the pc is turned off.

Type of Capacitor:

  1. Ceramic electrical condenser: The ceramic electrical condenser could be a style of capacitor that’s employed in several applications from audio to RF.
  2. Electrolytic electrical condenser: Electrolytic capacitors ar a kind of capacitor that.

Type of Electrolytic

  1. Polar : Having fixed polarity.
  • If connected opposite then it may be damaged.
  • If applied over voltage than also damage.
  1. Non-Polar:- Polarity not fixed, If overvoltage than damaged



A semiconductor device (component) which allow electricity to flow into one direction only.

Type of Diode

  1. A junction rectifier (LED) may be a two-lead semiconductor light. it’s a p–n junction diode that emits light-weight once activated.
  2. The photodiode may be a conductor that converts light-weight into the associated electrical current.
  3. The Schottky diode Schottky barrier diode or hot-carrier diode may be a semiconductor unit shaped by the junction of a semiconductor with a metal.
  4. Transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diode, conjointly transit or the rector, is associate electronic element wont to shield physics from voltage spikes evoked on connected wires.
  5. Tunnel diode may be a variety of semiconductor that’s capable of in no time operation, well into the microwave frequency region, created potential by the employment of the quantum mechanical impact referred to as tunneling.


A type of transformer which works as on inductors when circuit starts of later become a Resistance

Chokes types:-
1.  Audio frequency chokes (AFC) – designed to dam audio and transmission line frequencies whereas permitting DC to pass
2.  Radiofrequency chokes (RFC) – designed to dam radio frequencies whereas permitting audio and DC to pass.

Description of Electronics Items Part 2


Integrated circuit a compact (Small) design of any large circuit make of diode & Transistors. Integrated circuit of IC.
Type of Integrated circuit
1. Digital ICs area unit more sub-categorized as logic ICs, memory chips, interface ICs (level shifters, serializer/deserializer, etc.), Power Management ICs, and programmable devices.
2. Analog ICs area unit more sub-categorized as linear ICs and RF ICs.
mixed-signal integrated circuits area unit more sub-categorized as information acquisition ICs (including A/D converters, D/A device, digital potentiometers) and clock/timing ICs.

Description of Electronics Items Part 2


A jump wire (also known as jumperjumper wire, jumper cable, DuPont wire, or DuPont cable – named for one manufacturer of them) is an electrical wire

  • To cross any print
  • To change any circuit diagram

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