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Description of Electronics Items Part 1


A switch is Devises to connect or disconnect any circuit diagram. Basically, Switch is used Prevent/Control Electrical Flow. 
Type of Switch:-
1.  On/Off
2.  Push
3.  Sliding
4.  Rotary
5.  Relay
All Type in single way of Switch                             
·       One Way
·       Two Way(Multi-way)
All type of Multiway Switch
·       Single Channel

·       Double Channel


A material having resistance is called Resistance.A factor in any conductor which resists the flow of electricity.All the good conductor having resistance either less or high, to decrease.“Unit to measure resistance Ω (Ohm)”
Type of Resistance
1)  Fixed(Constance
2)  Variable
3)  Preset
4)  TC(Tone Control)
5)  VC(Volume Control)
Conductor  —->More length àMore
Conductor  —->Less LengthàLess
       Conductor  —-> More Thicknessà 
       Conductor  —->Less Thicknessà

Type of Resistance modern fixed value resistors 

  1. Carbon film Resistor=>Made of carbon dust or graphite paste.It has Low wattage values.
  2. Film or Cermet Resistor=>Made of conductive metal oxide paste.It has Very low wattage values.
  3. Wire Wound Resistor=>Made Metallic bodies for heat sink maintain. It has wattage ratings.
  4. Semiconductor Resistor=> Semiconductor Resistor – High frequency/precision surface-mount thin film technology.
Color Coding of Resistance and find the value of Resistance
Color         value          Rule
Black           0            
Brown         1               1st coloràput value
Red            2                (Black should not first color)
Orange       3                 2nd coloràput value
Yellow        4                 3rd color à(0-9)à(x10color)
Green        5                  Golden x.01
Blue          6                  Silver  x.01
Violet        7                  4th color   Goldenà+-10+
Gray         8                  Average Silver –à +-5+
White        9                 Good No color à+-20+Bad
             Note:= 1000Ω=1k Ω 
                        1000000 Ω =1m Ω


  In the Electrical device, Transformer is mainly used to transfer electrical energy from other circuits to another electric circuit, without changing the frequency. In another word, We tell it takes electricity of one voltage and change into another Voltage. Normally Transformer device that is used increase or decrease voltage in the electrical circuit.
A Transformer basically works like transfers energy between two or more circuits. A Transformer is electronic devices to use change voltage of an AC Supply. A device to increase voltage and decrease voltage and ampere.
Type of Transformer
1.  Step Down
ü  Decrease the voltage
ü  No of primary>no of secondary
2.  Step Up
ü Increase Voltage
ü No of primary<no of secondary
3.  Auto

Transistor types


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