Android phone problems and solutions

Android phone problems and solutions

Android phone problems and solutions

  1. Phone or App Crash

Reasons :This happens when the installed app has a bug or your phone is moving out of space. This is one of the disappointing mobile phone problems.

Solution :Clear app data from “App Manager”. Avoid using multiple apps at the same time. Troubleshoot your phone by restarting the device, remove the battery or restore it to factory settings.

2. Storage Space

Most of the smartphone’s storage is full of photos and videos. When purchasing a new smartphone, you should take care of storage because after a few days you start to panic for low storage. Nowadays there are very small smartphones with Expandable memory feature.

Solution :Delete the cache first. Use apps like cache cleaners that allow you to clear the cache for a specific app. Uninstall the app from the phone or move the app. Transfer images to the clouds to free up space on your device.

 3.smartphone is running slowly

This is the most common smartphone problem, especially when your phone is outdated. The reason behind the slow speed is the installation of unnecessary apps that use your device’s RAM and save many files in your phone.

Solution :Erase all unnecessary apps and files from the mobile, clear the cache data. You can also do it with the diagnostic app. If, however, you face this problem, then restore it to factory data.

4.Bad Battery Life

Unfortunately, this phone problem is for everyone. Common problems are battery drain, slow charging or charging failure. We stick to our phones, so the problem of drainage is a common problem. This major issue is when your phone is discharging without using it.

Android phone problems and solutions

Solution :Find out that if a particular application is extracting too much battery, you can check it in Settings-> Battery, and if you identify a bug, then delete those apps. Enable battery saving mode, turn off locations, dim the brightness


Excessive use of the smartphone brings the problem of overheating. Demanding app, more likely the gaming app highlights the temperature of your phone which can affect battery performance. You may have downloaded malicious applications running in the background.

Solution :Try not to use your phone while on a charge. Do not use high CPU sucking apps, and pause your phone. If still, your phone is getting hot, then it’s the creator’s fault.

6.Connecting Problems with Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular Network

This is a temporary mobile phone problem that can be easily solved.

Solution :Keep the phone in airplane mode for 30 to 60 seconds and try connecting it again. till an issue? Redo or change the settings of Bluetooth and WiFi again.

7.Apps are not downloading

The main reason for this problem is corrupted cache.

Solution :Go to the Google Play Store app and clear the app’s cache. Google is better to remove play store history. check you  using the latest version of Google play store. If there is still a problem, clear data, and cache on Google Play services.

8.Mobile phone cracked screen

Cannot you solve the problem of the phone?

Solution :Replace New Screen

9.Synchronization issue

The problem of sync is resolved automatically after some time.

Solution :If not, remove the Google Account and add it again. Ensure that your internet connection is not limited and is working properly. Check for system updates and update it if necessary.

10.MicroSD card is not working on your smartphone

This can happen when there are incorrect read / write errors in your SD card. Solution :After formatting your mobile does not recognize the SD card. Check the memory card’s ability, and format it to extend it to 32 GB. Restart the phone in Recovery mode and select the cache in Android. This will clear the SD card and format it in FAT32 which is most suitable for storing in the phone.

11.Immersion in cracked screen or water

This mobile phone problem is accidentally and we can not do anything in it. Solution :To avoid such incidents, use good phone protector. Yes, they can be expensive but to avoid these accidents, this is a worthwhile investment.

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