Central process Unit  Part 2 (CPU Specification )

Central process Unit Part 2 (CPU Specification )

Central Process Unit specifications

The twelve hardware specifications
1.  Brand:You have 2 selection here: Intel or AMD. each corporations supply nice product which will satisfy your wants.2. Processor type: Mobile, Desktop or Server.
cowl in the main desktop variety of cpus, as they’re those that you just use to make a custom desktop computers, like the custom vicePCs styles that I supply on Hardware Revolution.3. Series:A few samples of series embody however don’t seem to be restricted to Core two couple, Core i7, Athlon sixty four x2, Phenom II x4, etc.
4. hardware Socket Type: The hardware socket is wherever you’ll be putting in your hardwareyou merely got to make certain to match your motherboard socket sort along with your hardware socket sort to confirm that they’re compatible

5. Core:This indicates the core that the hardware relies on. newer cores can sometimes bring enhanced performance, reduced power consumption for identical performance compared to AN older core, in conjunction with new options.

6. Multi-core: twin, Triple or Quad Core
Back a couple of years agone, Intel and AMD would raise the performance of their cpus by raising the frequency and would place most of their selling stress thereon frequency

7. Frequency:
Still the foremost vital consider performance for today’s cpus, the frequency represents the speed at that the processor runs, in Gc (1GHz = 1000MHz).

8. FSB, Hyper-Transport or QPI:
This is the speed at that your processor communicates with alternative elements in your system, like the memory as an example

9. L2/L3 cache:
Cache is absolutely fast on-board hardware memory, abundant quicker than RAM, that your processor use to store information that’sclose to be processed and/or is employed usually

10. 64-bit support:
Whether your processor supports 64-bit computer code or not. similar to everybody switched from 16-bit to 32-bit a few years agoneso as to be able to use a lot of memory in our computers, we tend to area unit currently shift to 64-bit, so as to raise the 4GB memory limit of 32-bit

11. producing Tech:
In nm, the producing size at that the processor transistors area unit created

12. Thermal Power style (TPD):
This is a general measure that indicates what quantity power, in Watts, that your processor can consume within the worst case situation

CPU Specification 
Central process Unit  Part 2 (CPU Specification )
Note: All Normal Operation can be done on any CPU having 500 Mhz minimum Speed.
Celeron                        P3                      C3                 Duron
1.1Ghz                         1.5Mhz            900Mhz           333
Celeron                                  P3                           Duron
400FSB Mhz                                                533/600                                800FSB
2.4 Ghz                                                            30GHz                               46Ghz
We Already See  CPU type  According  Physical  Shape….IN “Central Processing Unit”  Post
Here We See Where CPU place or fit means Slot or Socket.
Central process Unit  Part 2 (CPU Specification )
Note   ZIF: Zero Insertion Forces do not much to fit the CPU into Socket.
 ZIF Type
Socket No             Intel                                        SUPPORTED CPU         (VIA)            
 Socket 2                 X                                  386                                           X

Socket 3                       X                                         486                                                          X

Socket 7                 Celeron                     PI                                            MI, MII
Socket 370             Celeron                     PII                                         MI, MII
Socket 423             —————————————————-AMD—————
Socket 478                Celeron                    P4                                           X
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