Best processor for computer

Best processor for computer

Computer or Laptop, we always have a problem that is the processor  which is good AMD or INTEL? Many people compact everything else while buying a computer or a laptop but get stuck on the processor, so today we will tell you what processor  for your computer or laptop according to your needs.

What model of intel is good or which model of AMD is bad because it requires a lot of things to be kept in mind and for which you have to go very deep, which is much more for you Will cause confusion. We will tell you about just three things and then decide what processor will be right for you.


According Budget

Talk to the processor, the AMD is cheaper than INTEL, like AMD in 2 to 8 thousand you will find many processor but in Intel the same processor will get you from 4 to 10 thousand .if you get 25000 to 30,000 If you want to take a laptop between you, you should take it with AMD processor and if you want to take it with the INTEL processor, you will get between 30 to 35000

Accordin Performance

Intel’s processor is expensive compared to AMD but his performance is better than AMD. If you are looking at laptops according to low budget, you should take AMD’s processor. As you take the AMD processor for Rs 4000, the same processor will get you Rs 6000 in INTEL and its performance will be slightly better than AMD. If you are taking a laptop or computer for a particular job like video production, sound production etc. then you should take Intel’s processor. And if the normal office work or internet is needed to run the AMD processor will be okay.

Performance Power

The third thing is that the power AMD processor takes more power than Intel, like if you are using a laptop, then the laptop in which the AMD processor will have a battery will be faster than Intel laptop. So if you travel out more with your laptop then we would advise you to buy the processor of INTEL.  if you are fond of playing games then you can buy AMD processor because you can save your money when taking AMD, you can apply GPU (graphic card) in your system, so that your gaming experience is with INTEL Compared to the system will increase significantly.

Best processor for computer

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