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Features of Computer Networking

Computer networking and what are the Benefits to doing all this work…
There are many reasons to create a computer network for your home pc’s;
Sharing One Internet Connection for all your computers
Sharing One Printer between different computers
Protecting your computers from Internet threats, such as Hackers, Viruses, and Spyware by using a router
Connecting your Xbox, Home DVR (i.e. TiVo), or extra storage device to the other computers on the network…
Well actually there are hundreds of reasons to network your PC’s so here are a few examples.

Internet Connection Sharing – Is one of the most practical benefits of computer networking, otherwise know as ICS, with this feature you can literally use just one connection to the Internet for all the pc’s in your home, without having to pay for mutiple connections from your ISP. (Internet Service Provider)
Sharing a Printer – Can be done in as little as Three Simple Stepsassuming of course the rest of your network set-up and functioning, of course. Here we will go more into what’s happening in this process and cover the basic steps to “sharing out” a printer and then How to Add that printer to another PC.
Wireless Capabilities – With Wireless Networking you can give yourself the freedom to Roam around your home with your computers instead of being stuck in room or another. Not to mention get rid of some of miles of cabling your room or office may already be home to.
Wireless networks can even give the opportunity to take your Laptop outside in most cases, or the garage, or wherever…
Protecting your computers behind a Router – Is actually very very easy and yet so many people don’t realize the simple power of “Hiding”your home network from the outside world (specifically the internet)by simply using a router to gice each computer a new IP address.
By doing this your computers IP address will not be seen from the internet, what the “internet” sees is the router, because that’s directly connected to your cable/dsl modem.

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