Internet Slow Reasons & Solution

The Internet is slow on the phone even after having a good network connection. The slow down of the Internet in the phone causes some mistakes made by the user. Here we are going to tell you about the same mistakes. Often these mistakes people do .


Do not turn on the maximum loading option
Measures – To increase Internet speed in Android phones, users should make maximum loading data options active. For this go to Setting and go to Data in Network Settings. This option can be turned on here.
Do not Install Ed Blocker
A lot of mobile data is eaten as well as slowing down the AIDS processing power on the app and website. Therefore, use the ad blocking browser. This will keep your webpage free of charge and get good speed. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
Network Settings Not Correct
Go to Mobile Network Settings and go to Mobile Settings. Check here that you have selected right from a network connection such as WCDMA, GSM or CDMA Some phones also have the option of locating networks automatically. 4G handset is required to have 4G LTE on. That’s where WCDMA is right for 3G.
Installing Extraordinary Apps
Remove useless apps, especially those you have never used. If you keep an app on the phone, then it will only conjugate the memory of the phone and the data will be spent. In this case, your internet speed will also slow
 Do not clean the memory
After deleting many things from your phone, it is forgotten to delete the cache memory. Delete it as well. For this, you have to go to the app settings and go to app manager and delete every app’s cache files. This will boost the speed of internet on the phone.
Do not use the speed-boosting app
If you want to increase the speed of your Android device, then the app like Internet Booster, Optimizer, the Fast Internet should be used. This makes a great difference in speed.
Always keep the phone on
Continuous use of the phone reduces the speed. By switching off the phone, the speed of the net is boosted automatically.

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